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Power of Words

What do I love most? I love words and I love images–after all, I’m a designer of book covers. We designers inhabit the space where images and words fall in love and give birth to something new.

But design is a

ll about targeted communication and leaving as little as possible open to interpretation. It’s a fascinating process, but it’s much more of an ephemeral experience for the viewer,

though the accumulated design around us is what forms our perception of popular culture. A well-designed and thoughtful book cover can give a book a persona that can help the reader connect with the book and even enhance the reading experience.

Yes, I love design–I love making it, love seeing great design–but in my mind–there is no substitute for the written word itself. The word floats through the conscience in the voice of the author, yet it is the reader’s mind that forms the image. I love when a book I am reading transports me into that world, and puts me into the head of another. I can’t think of a more immersive experience or a form of purer enjoyment. And if reading the words of another is one kind of joy, stringing together my own words and building a world of my own making is sheer heaven. Yes, it is a lot of work. So is design.

Writing is a more direct way of taking notes on the images in my mind. It’s a house I can build to my own specifications from the words in my head, then move in and live there. There’s really nothing else like that for me. Don’t get me wrong. I love design. I couldn’t live without art and beautiful images. But like one needs fiber in their diet, I need–the depth of words in my life.

One of my favorite authors is Maggie Stiefvater. She’s an artist, too, and I marvel at the lyrical poetry of her words, how the images she conjures explode in my mind. Her writing is made of subtle layers like the glazes in a painting. I savor her words, roll them around in my head like the most delicious dessert.

What author do you savor–whose words are so lush and resonant, you want to read them over and over again?

Releasing July 2013

Releasing July 2013

Zadie Stonebrook’s New Year’s Resolutions

Making a New Year’s resolution means I want to change something about myself. But I’ve discovered so many new things about myself recently, I need to wrap my head around it all before I can come up with something logical. Before I found out what I really am and what I am capable of, there might have been only a couple things I’d resolve to do. Like pass the tenth grade. And get Gavin to look at me. Now my eyes have been opened to a whole new level of priorities.

One resolution does come to mind: Find out what’s wrong with my sister. She’s been acting so eerily strange lately, sometimes I don’t even know if it’s really her behind those vacant eyes. And that brings me to another resolution: Master my powers so I can protect Mara—and myself, since ending up dead isn’t anywhere on my to-do list.

Coming May 29thClick image to add to Goodreads

Coming May 29th
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Christine Fonseca, Zane and Resolutions

love heart scroll

I am so excited to be part of Scene 13!!! I have a few books slated for 2013, including two nonfiction books (The Girl Guide: Finding Your Place in a Mixed-Up World (Prufrock Press, April 1, 2013) and Parenting Introverts (working title) (Prufrock Press, October 2013) and book 3 in the Requiem Series, DOMINUS.

I am truly excited for DOMINUS – it has the romance of LACRIMOSA, the angst of LIBERA ME and the action fans have been asking for. DOMINUS releases in May 2013 by Compass Press. Here is a little blurb:

“It’s been six months since my memories returned. Six months since Aydan was again ripped away from me. Six months since I broke a piece of my best friend’s soul.
Six months…”

Nesy has found her memories, her life. Now all she wants is to forget and be human. Only human. But fate holds a different destiny. Forced into a war she wants no part of, Nesy is put to the test in ways she never thought possible as she seeks to fix the mistakes she has made. And the mistakes of her former master, Mikayel. Will she be the Sentinal she was destined to be and put an end to the fighting once and for all? Or will she fail and send humanity into slavery?

The future of three worlds depends on the choices, and sacrifices, she must make in this final installment of the Requiem Series.

DOMINUS is told from two distinct points of view…but I am not quite ready to share all of that. And, it’s not important for this post.

Today, I thought I’d bring Zane back into focus with his resolutions.

Zane is one of the main characters in book #2, LIBERA ME. In that story, you get to learn about Zane’s love for Nesy, his position within the angelic orders, and more about his motivations, etc.

Zane has really grown to be one of my fav characters. But enough from me…

let’s here from him and his resolutions for 2013…


Wow, resolutions? What kind of resolutions am I supposed to make. I suppose I could say I am resolving to let Nesy go once and for all…

But that would be a lie.

I can’t just let her go, pretend that the last 500 years meant nothing to me.

Oh sure, it’s a fools mission, pursuing her. But, she hold’s my heart and she always will.

Cass wants me to move on, to focus on Gabriel’s mission for me, the prophesies, the war we all know is coming. And I will.

But underneath all of it will always be Nesy.

I just can’t help it.

Resolve to release her???

Not. Happening.


There you go… a rather determined Zane… Check out more about Dominus and the other books in the series on my website.