Toni Kerr

DESCENDANT -Coming in November of 2013 by Pugalicious Press

For 15 years, Tristan has done everything he can to bury the maddening
thoughts of others—blaring music, isolation, the occasional
painkiller. In the end, it was a small thing that pushed him over the
edge—his mother hocked his iPod for a carton of cigarettes.

His suicide attempt would have succeeded if not for an old woman who
claims dragon ancestry makes him the rightful guardian of a powerful
emerald containing the soul of a Valkyrie. With the emerald stolen and
the woman murdered, Tristan must survive on his own in a world he
never knew existed to get the emerald back.

Shadowed by a secret society and guided by an avatar falcon, Tristan’s
escape from the murderer lands him on an uncharted island in the
Pacific. When the murderer kidnaps the island’s caretaker, a feisty
young Druid priestess, Tristan discovers he’ll risk anything to save
her, unleashing powers he can’t control. He never imagined what a
dragon birthright would mean, or the price it would cost to use it.

Toni_KerrToni Kerr is a full time artist whether she wants to be or not. She writes young adult novels, takes on occasional illustration projects, and restores historic murals when such times arise.

She enjoys building tree houses, not-so-fancy chicken coops, and tends to forget how much maintenance is required for certain types of landscape designs.

She lives with her husband, two dangerously creative children, an Australian Shepherd, and several small farm animals the city would probably frown upon. Summers are spent in the high-desert Oregon outback, just beyond cyberspace, where she and her kids love rock hounding, horse back riding, fishing without hooks, hiking, and camping by four-wheelers.

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