Heidi Ayarbe

2013 release info coming soon!

newHeidiavatarBio Basics:
Jobs I’ve had (or continue to have): paper girl for THE NEVADA APPEAL, babysitter, runner, secretary, day camp counselor, backpacking guide for middle schoolers and high schoolers, barista (I make a mean capuccino), EFL teacher, fifth grade teacher, translator, seller of jewelry at craft fairs and jewelry rep, Web Site stuff, library/cultural consultant (my frustrated dream is to have studied library science and become a librarian … maybe later??), office assistant … and more!

From: Carson City, NV (born in Carson Tahoe Hospital, went to Gleason, Bray, Bordewich, Carson Junior High, Carson High). My first grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Cronenberger and my favorite ever teacher was Mr. Glanzmann (High School algebra and trigonometry). But I went ALL the way to Reno, Nevada (a whole 45 minutes away) to college. (Ha! And you thought I was a homebody. Yes, I moved back in with my mom and dad in my late twenties. But it was to write! Thanks Mom and Dad — my “capital investors” and “emotional investors” in all this!!).

For more bio tidbits, CLICK HERE


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