Death and Change in Hereafter and Thereafter

This month, Scene 13 members are discussing books with a theme. I’d like to use Terri Bruce’s Hereafter and Thereafter for my books. They trace the post-life adventures of Irene Dunphry, who died in a car crash after a night out with her friends. Although Irene held a managerial job when she was alive, she was also shallow and selfish, neglecting her mother and holding no strong passions for anything other than partying. However, as she experiences existence after death, she comes to realize the lost opportunities life represents. But just because she’s no longer living doesn’t mean she’s fixed in that same state for all eternity. As Irene tries to figure out how to move on in the afterlife, she comes to care for people and grow as a heroine, even though she’s not sure how much of Irene will be left once she reaches her final destination. If I had to state the theme for this series (and I obviously have to for this post), it would be that “it’s never too late to change.”

Have you read any books with a similar theme? What types of themes do you like to read about?

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