You Mean There’s More to Life Than Genre Fiction??

ImageI admit I’m a bit obsessed with YA fantasy and sci-fi, but that doesn’t mean it’s all I read. I’ve read my share of adult books, some recent NA books as well. But the thing that most surprises me is how much I’m enjoying contemporary works lately. I’m not saying anything crazy, like I’m going to write one (at least not YET) but I am truly enjoying them.

Example? I LOVED Stina Lindenblatt’s debut NA, TELL ME WHEN. I’m currently enjoying John Green’s THE FAULT IN OUR STARS as well. Does that mean I’m changing? Who knows! I’m always changing, growing hopefully for the better. 


But no matter what the more I read, the better I feel about my own abilities. It’s like taking a crash course in writing directly into the subconscious. Hey – I like that quote. Maybe I’ll use it again! LOL

The point is, you can’t write without reading. You can’t be a writer unless you love reading. And no matter what  you read, if it’s done right, it will transport you to another world and other people’s lives. Translation: AWESOME. 

So read everything. Every chance you get. Every way you can – paper, electronics, audio, whatever. Because being stuck in a genre rut is akin to being stuck as a writer and you want to grow, right? I know I do! 


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