Literary Addictions…

February is the month of love and this month we are sharing new literary loves. I have 18369048many but I’m going to keep my list short and list one series that I fell in love with. “The Addicted Series” by Becca and Krista Ritchie just grabbed me and sucked me in.

The first book in the series, “Addicted To You,” is a Raw. Gritty. Dirty. A nasty story of the secret side of the upper echelon of society. It’s surely going to be one of those books that people either love or hate. In my case, I loved it.

“Addicted To You” is a down and dirty account of two people—one addicted to sex and the other to booze. The twin Ritchie duo didn’t pretty it up. It was gritty and showed the nastier side of addiction…the side that most people want to ignore. And it made a great book, in my opinion. But it’s more than a tale of two people fighting their separate addictions. They are fighting their attraction to each other, for reasons I won’t go into (read the book, I say!). They are scared and ashamed to go to their families because they’ll “embarrass” them. Huh. I know no family is perfect, but the family dynamics in this story are just heartbreaking. So very sad and touching at the same time.

But continue with caution, this is not a book that glosses over the world of addiction. You’re gonna get it like it is. And that’s what makes the book so awesomely great!

17969317The dynamic Ritchie duo followed up “Addicted To You” with “Addicted For Now.” It’s another book that just grabbed me right away. The characters from the first book in the series have different issues to deal with, harder in some ways, definitely healthier, but then a devastating betrayal sends them into a tailspin and threatens the precarious relationship with their addictions. I cried. Literally. Not just a few tears. Nope. Like, give me the box of tissues, snot nosed, fat tears, crying. I felt the pain, embarrassment and the feeling that they let everyone down. I could feel the weight of the world crashing on their shoulders—the inability to do or say anything to take it back, make it better, make it go away. I felt all that and more. It was an emotional, gut punch. It’s an emotionally gripping book and, whereas some sequels don’t stand-up to their predecessors, this book is just as incredible. Poignant…gripping…raw…clear your schedule…you’re in for a ride.

I’m not going to keep writing about the series…although I could, but I’m going to give you the deets on the full series.  And my advice? Run… I mean Run…to your computer and download your copy of “Addicted Series.” It’s an outstanding series.























Happy Reading Everyone!


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