Voracious Genre Reader Seeks….

This month, we’re supposed to discuss our new literary loves. However, I tend to be a read-’em-and-leave-’em kind of reader. Perhaps that’s why lately I’ve felt more “eh” than “wow” after finishing a book. So, since I’m feeling so booklorn, I decided I ought to take out an ad:

Voracious Genre Reader seeks a five-star book. Science fiction and fantasy genres preferred, although willing to try other genres for the right story. Publishing method irrelevant. Must show strong craftsmanship in everything from word choice to world-building and display impeccable spelling and grammar. An intriguing plot is a must. Characters are lifelike and worth rooting for. If romance is part of the story (not the whole story), it should develop gradually and not be abusive or misogynistic, and those involved must complement each other’s needs. Above all, must show me something to wonder about, something to make me feel awe or see the world differently. In return, I can offer a five-star rating on Goodreads, word-of-mouth recommendations, and a promise to seek out other works by your author.

How does your ad for a five-star book read?


2 thoughts on “Voracious Genre Reader Seeks….

  1. I’ve read the first couple of them. The hero does think pretty highly of himself, though I suppose at his age that’s allowed. 😉

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