Cure for the Winter Blues

Are you f-f-freezing yet? There are snow flurries in the air all the way down to the snowflake1-filteredFlorida Panhandle today!! We’re almost through January, but there’s more cold weather in store. Thinking we can’t be the only ones suffering from the Winter Blues, we cooked up some ideas to keep you warm and entertained with these cozy indoor activities.

1. Read- being snowed in is the perfect excuse to make a dent in your ‘To Read’ pile! Snuggle under a blanket and get caught up in your favorite story. Join us at Goodreads or set up an account if you aren’t a member already. They are great at recognizing your tastes based on your fav books and can recommend lots of wonderful new-to-you authors.

fireplace-tea-books2. Cozy up by a fire- Whether you have a gas or wood fireplace, there’s something soothing about a crackling fire! Bring your hot chocolate with you. And a blanket.

3. Make winter-themed crafts- Cut out paper snowflake garlands, recycle old greeting fireplacecard covers into bookmarks, create winter centerpieces using nature like birch bark, pine cones, and evergreen branches, knit warm garments like scarves, sweaters, mittens and hats. If you’re NOT as crafty as that, try hanging out at Pinterest and finding some easy to do crafts or just make a board of pics you love!ย 

4. Contact a friend- this a great time to reconnect with someone you’ve been missing. Write a letter, email, Skype or phone… the chance to talk will sweep away the weather blues ๐Ÿ™‚ We spent an hour on the phone today and feel the happier for it!!

5. Shop- Okay… technically you aren’t in your house, but you’re are still indoors, and finding all kinds of sales! What a great way to get moving and around people than to visit the local mall and check out some new styles.

***How are you fighting the Winter Blues this week? And have you found any great books we should be reading as we huddle closer to the fire??

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About J.K. Rock

J.K. Rock is the pseudonym for YA writers-and sisters in law- Joanne and Karen Rock. Their debut book, CAMP BOYFRIEND is the first in a three-book series from Spencer Hill Contemporary. Don't miss their free bonus novellas including CAMP KISS and CAMP CHRISTMAS, available for download at

4 thoughts on “Cure for the Winter Blues

    • Hi Michelle!! So many schools have been closed for cold/snow/weather issues. It’s shocking how far south the cold has run this year. I bought a water warmer, BTW. It boils water in something like 30 seconds. I love it and I’m setting a new record on tea-drinking!!

  1. Hi Joanne and Karen, it’s so strange reading this while in Florida, especially after seeing pics of snow on the ground in the Sunshine State. Talk about my mind being blown. I never would have thought it would show or get so cold here. I’ve been bundling up. When it’s cold and rainy or snowy, I like to snuggle under the covers, reading or watching tv. Right now, I have not taken advantage of those times. I’ve been working and trying to get w house situated. I haven’t read anything in a while. Hopefully, I can remedy that soon.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

    • Hi Paula! It sounds like you’ve been working hard. You’ll be glad when you’re more settled but until then… ugh! No fun. I tend to work at hyperspeed when I first move– nose to the grindstone for weeks. Then, after that, I never recover the same level of energy for the house! I have to really pick and choose projects that are manageable in shorter spans of time– a couple days, maybe. But I will say I never regret my nesting efforts! A comfy, inviting house rewards you again and again. Good luck! – j

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