What Do Shrimp and a Group Blog Have in Common?

002They’re both things that are new for me.

Shortly before Christmas, my son got to go on a Toys-R-Us shopping spree with my father-in-law. One of the toys Alex picked out was a kit for growing triops, or prehistoric shrimp. We tried it once before, but it didn’t work very well. This time, we used a larger tank and kept a light on above it 24/7. Two shrimp hatched a couple of days later. One was thin, so I called him Needle. He unfortunately didn’t make it (he never changed, so I don’t know if he got enough to eat), but the other shrimp, which my son named after himself, is thriving. That’s a picture I took of him last night.

The other thing that’s new is a group blog I started with some other indie science fiction/fantasy writers I know. We call ourselves Indie Writers Monthly, and you can find us on our blog, on Twitter, and Facebook. Come check us out! (And don’t worry; I’ll still have time for this blog, even if I have to borrow a Time-Turner from Hermione to write all my posts!)

As for writing projects this year, I only have about two more months left of my haiku-a-day project. Each day, I write a haiku based on something that happened that day. My last day will be March 17, and afterwards I plan to publish my haiku collection. Some more conventional projects include Season’s Beginning, the first book in my fantasy Season Avatars series, and the next story in the SF Catalyst Chronicles series.

What’s new with you for 2014?


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