My death-defying balancing act for 2014


Here’s what I’m up to..are you ready? Or better yet, am I ?

I’ve just finished transitioning from the release of BREAKING GLASS last July and took a kind of promoting hiatus from Thanksgiving on. I’ve been really fortunate that there were a good deal of ongoing contests, some really great reviews (like this one from the School Library Journal: to keep the book getting some buzz.

What I did not take a hiatus from is teaching (which if anything heats up right before and up to the holidays) and cover design, which has also heated of late. Hey–I am not complaining–not in the least. My cover design career is going amazingly well. But guess what?

I’ve just named three things that take up a lot of my time–book promo, teaching (along with some of the less fun administrative side of being a college professor and deputy chair), and designing covers. Of the three aforementioned activities, I love two and hate one. (Can you guess which one I hate? Give up?

Does ANYONE love book promoting??? 

Okay–I don’t really hate it–I like when it’s kind of low key and steady, not kind of like to trying to stand on a log in a rushing river.

But the real high wire act part comes in from fitting all these activities together AND finding time to write.

I did, somehow manage, even with all the above listed activities, do just that. I’m about three-fourths done with the first draft of my current WIP. And I am really proud about that!

Luckily, as an academic, I am off the whole month of January. What’s on tap this month are about four more cover commissions, copy edits on my forthcoming book VISION, a trip with the family to warmer climes, catching up with friends and–of course writing!

Also, yep, book promo. Time to climb back in the saddle. I’ve got some exciting things in the works locally as well my participation in YA Fest in Pennsylvania this April and the Chapter by Chapter Book Rave in September.

So, 2014, you are looking to be just as busy, if not busier than 2013. Good thing my kids are now all grown up–because look out–I’m ready for you!

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