Wrapping up 2013

At the beginning of 2013, I wrote down my resolutions (some vague, some specific, but mostly a to-do list of ambitions for the year), and then I tacked the list to a bulletin board near my desk. But then I did some rearranging in the Fall and the list got put into a box to be sorted at a future time…where it was soon lost and forgotten. Well, I recently got around to finding the list (mainly to cross things off and see if I still had time to cross off more—because I’m a bit competitive in that way).

It’s no surprised that I did not exercise regularly (perhaps being more specific could have helped that one). I did not shop for Christmas throughout the year so I could be done before December (oh well, maybe next year), and I did not take care of all the blackberry vines choking out the yard (a chore that has been on the list for 10 years now). I might still have time to get up on the roof to take care of that moss…if the weather holds, but it looks like many things will have to be carried over to next year’s list.

That said, I’m celebrating the fact that more than half of the listed items were achieved!! Some were rather straightforward and simple, accomplished with minimal dedication and a shift in perspective, and some were major events that have taken years to get wrapped up—like the release of my debut novel, Descendant, which has already exceeded my expectations on the open market!

2013 has been a thrilling year and I’m looking forward to 2014, even more so because I can finally get back to work on book 2! And guess what!? I can cross off another item on this year’s list because I’ve now thought about my 2014 resolutions BEFORE January 1st. 🙂 Go me!

When compiling your New Year’s Resolutions, do you pick things that can be crossed off once accomplished, or are they more general ideas that can only be measured by personal reflection?

Wishing you all safe and spectacular holidays,

Toni Kerr


6 thoughts on “Wrapping up 2013

  1. I do a bit of both–part of me likes the specific, cross-offable items. But sometimes the sift-in-attitude items matter more. Or at least, they make me feel better. And they’re usually less work. 😉

    • I like a combo of both as well. Sometimes actual specifics for each vague idea is helpful to put a plan in action– “Focus more on writing” becomes “700 words a day” (although.. there’s a lovely loophole about not having to do all 700 in one day– one could theoretically do 5k on the weekend and still qualify. And now that I do the math– that’s like 3 novels a year!) (if only it was that easy!)

    • Thanks, Lisa! I love lists…they keep me on track when I get overwhelmed. It’s so easy to get buried by the little things and lose track of the bigger picture. And then before you have time to catch a breath, the year has passed and nothing has changed…except everyone is a year older.

      It really has been a fabulous year for me. 🙂 Thanks!!

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