All I Want For Christmas Is…

…an agent.

The end of 2013 has been rough for me. My agency closed, leaving me without representation once again. I’ve had some other things go wrong as well, but having my career feel like it’s been put on hold has been the toughest on me. I’m in the query trenches again, and thankfully I have some fulls and partials out already.

So this Christmas, all I really want is an agent who will help me get my books back out on submission with publishing houses. That’s what’s topping my list.

What do you want this holiday season?


4 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is…

  1. I hear you, Kelly! I’m in the same kind of boat, but in the meantime I’m doing exactly that. I’m loving my Indie career and my small publisher, but i’m also pursuing the traditional route. As long as we can keep writing! 😀

  2. Kelly, I missed all this, but I know the story has a happy ending at least! My new agent, Shannon Hassan, of Marsal Lyon is worth her weight in platinum. Sometimes it’s like dating–you’ve got to go through a few to find the right one. 🙂

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