Thanksgiving Top 10

Since the things I’m thankful for are never far from my mind throughout the year, Thanksgiving for us tends to be more about making time to be with extended family (which always includes a traditional feast of scrumptious food). So in the spirit of list-making fans everywhere, here are my top 10 things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1) I’m thankful I only have to supply a single dish or two—I’m a terrible cook when it comes making fancy food.

2) I’m thankful to have relatives who can accommodate such family functions. It would take me a month and a small fortune to make my house company-ready.

3) I’m thankful that everyone is obligated to take the day off, otherwise we might never make the time to see other! Especially when traveling is involved. I’m ALWAYS left with the guilty feeling that we really should make a better effort to gather more often… but it rarely seems to work with everyone’s crazy-busy schedules.

4) I’m thankful for the reminder about vehicle maintenance. If it wasn’t for a long drive and carpooling, I might be putting off an oil change until the next big drive, and all the kids’ junk on the floorboards might pile up for another few months.

5) I’m thankful that there is no business happening throughout the world on this American holiday, which means I can unplug and spend guilt-free, quality time with my family without missing a thing.

6) I’m thankful that my kids have the opportunity to pick and choose from an amazing assortment of foods. (see #1)

7) I’m thankful for the excuse to go buy something a little dressy. I hope I actually do!

8) I’m thankful that I won’t have to spend the next six months working off that extra helping. (see #9)

9) I’m thankful for the picture on facebook assuring me that no harm will come from consuming 10x the necessary amount of food as long as it was made with love for Thanksgiving: No ‘bad’ calories, no ‘bad’ sugars, no ‘bad’ fats, no ‘bad’ carbohydrates, no ‘bad’ cholesterol, no preservatives, no glutton, no pesticides, and certainly nothing that has been genetically modified in any way.

10)While I’m in the mood to believe anything I see on facebook, I’ll be thankful that everyone has someone special to share the day with, that everyone has shelter to stay warm and snug, that everyone has more than enough food to eat and money to get wherever they need to go, and that there will be no tragic accidents to ruin a perfectly good day.

Be safe everyone!

 (Click on the image for how to make these cute turkeys! Because kids and sugar are a great mix on Thanksgiving!)



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