November: A Tear and A Smile

Happy November everyone! I have always loved this time of year – the colors of the harvest, the traditions around the Holidays, and the feeling of gratitude throughout the month. It is truly such a deep and poignant time for me.


Until 2010 – when November also meant the month I lost my mom.

My mom is the reason for my love of fall, the holidays, a Thanksgiving feast. She was not a super family oriented person, really. Not into traditions. At least, not the way I am. But she was into Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, losing her days after Thanksgiving was especially hard.

And now, as I put up the Thanksgiving decorations, comb through the recipes that will make up this year’s feast, and sit in meditation, contemplating all that I am grateful for, now I also think of my mom.

pics 4 grammie 004Enough time has past that I am not deep in grief anymore. I know that she is with me – I see her in the sunrise, feel her warmth as my children laugh and smile, and hear her voice in my thoughts as I walk through my day. But I miss the feel of her hand in mine, the simplicity of our conversations, and the sound of her laughter. I miss them all deeply.

So November brings both a tear and a smile each year, and the promise of another Holiday season. I hope yours is filled with all of the joy and gratitude of the season!


4 thoughts on “November: A Tear and A Smile

  1. Both my parents died in the fall. Probably the worse holiday was the time after Christmas I cleaned out their house. You never really know your parents as human beings until you do that.That’s when you see the parts of your life they never showed you, such as their private writings, mementos from parties they thought were important in their lives and wanted to remember, etc.

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