But we do sweat the small things

I’m like most people, I give in to the universal fears like pain and death and the dark (Lol). All perfectly understandable from a survival perspective. But the most interesting fears are those that are irrational, the ones that come from the sub conscious. Stuff like Coulrophobia; the fear of clowns, or ornithophobia; birds, or Gephyrophobia; the fear of bridges.
All totally ridiculous, unless your Stephen King, a worm or someone needing to cross a chasm  spanned by  a stone and guarded by three trolls. See that’s the point, quite often even the seemingly irrational turns out to be circumstantially very rational.
Yet being scared is not always a bad thing, is it?The parallel with dreams is one that  instantly springs to mind. These subconscious adventures  take place while  we’re safely tucked up in our beds and are described by some as psychological rehearsals preparing us for the trials and tribulations we face on a daily basis. So it is with being scared while reading a book. We need look no further than fairy stories for the template. It’s no accident that giants and ogres and trolls are always depicted as big. After all the most dangerous thing a child can come across in the real world is, undeniably, an adult.Obsidian Pebble front cover_120
On 29th of this month, The Obsidian Pebble is being relaunched by Spencer Hill Press. Oz Chambers, my lead character,  isn’t scared of ghosts, or secret passages or mysterious men who are way past their sell-by date. But he is scared of losing his home and his mum and of coming bottom in his math class…again. And those sorts of fears are the ones we live with every day.
But don’t worry, he’ll find a way out of it…at least let’s hope so. But we all know there’s only one way to find out.

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About Rhys A Jones

Rhys A Jones writes books for ages 9 to 90. Sometimes scary, always adventurous. The Obsidian Pebble, first of the Artefact series for MG readers, is due for release in Oct 2013. The Beast of Seabourne in Oct 2014. Both from SHP.  Enjoy the ride.

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