I Like Being Scared…Sometimes

Scary can be good. When it comes to horror movies, I’m all in. That kind of scary is fun. Halloween haunted houses totally freak me out, but again it’s all in good fun. But the real world has a lot of scary in it too and that’s the kind that gets to me. So here’s what scares me (not necessarily in order—other than the first one).

The BIG scary things:

  • Something happening to my family (This is my biggest fear. I love my family.)
  • Incurable diseases. (I’ve seen too many deaths caused by disease. Let’s find some cures already.)
  • Letting people down. (I hate to disappoint people, which is why I give everything I have when I do things.)
  • Failure (I think this one scares most of us, but failing as a mother, wife, or author would crush me.)
  • Losing my eyesight (I know it sounds strange but I wear contacts and I think that makes me appreciate the ability to see. If I couldn’t see my daughter grow up, I don’t know what I’d do.)

The not-so-big scary things:

  • Snakes (There’s a reason snakes appear in my paranormal/horror novels. They are downright terrifying.)
  • Ghosts (I tell myself they aren’t real because I’ve read that you can block them that way. Nope, not real.)
  • Sharks (I may have seen Jaws at a really young age.)
  • Dolls (I blame the movie Child’s Play and also those dolls that have the eyes that can close. That noise they make when their eyes close makes me shiver. Can you tell I have a life-size doll like this when I was little? It TERRIFIED me! I hated it but it was my mom’s and I didn’t have the heart to tell her I didn’t like it.)

I’m sure I can think of more things that scare me, but those are the ones most readily on my mind.

What scares you?

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About Kelly Hashway

I'm the author of the Touch of Death series (Spencer Hill Press, 2013), the Birth of the Phoenix series (Month9Books, 2014), and The Monster Within (Spencer Hill Press, 2014) . I'm proudly represented by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary Agency.

5 thoughts on “I Like Being Scared…Sometimes

  1. Totally agree on the big scares. For the little scares, I have to agree with dolls. Well, not like barbie dolls, but the Chucky-esque dolls for sure. Totally creepy. As for ghosts, though I find them scary, I do think they exist … or should I not tell you about the thing that happened to my mom? *insert scary music here*

  2. I wrote a short play a couple of years ago that involved a doll-head necklace. For the production, I got a bunch of old dolls at thrift shops and took their heads off. When I was working on one, it started to sing “how much is that doggie in the window.” My partner was sawing the head off another when it started to cry. Didn’t sleep well that night.

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