BOO! Want to know what scares us most? Messing up.

Now here’s a scary place to be, inside the crazed minds of us—Lisa Amowitz and Michelle McLean, the SCENE 13 moderators, as we share our deepest fear: SCREWING UP. This is a two day post from both of us.
We should give you some background here. Michelle and I came up with the idea for SCENE 13 before we truly understood what it means to have book promo, edits, writing deadlines and blogging, etc, all coming at you all at once. We know now! Bet a lot of you do, too. So here is an actual conversation we had recently about our deep, dark fears. Cue the spooky music…
LA: Hey Hammy, I know the topic is supposed to be what scares you, like creepy spidery, ghostly Halloweenish stuff, but I thought for a good laugh we can share our post and show people what goes on offline between us and our crazy over-active brains. So, that being said, what REALLY scares you, Hammy?
MM: Here’s the thing….I always have so many things going on I just know I’m going to let something really important slip through the cracks. Like some major post on some uber important blog. Or a good friend’s release day or something like that. I’m usually pretty good at keeping up with stuff, but lately….I’m just really not. I think I’ve finally got TOO much going on and I just can’t keep up. Never though I’d say that.
 LA: Well, that is my fear exactly..and guess what? It happened TONIGHT. My dear, wonderful friend Brooke Delvecchio, The Cover Contessa (who is also my publicist) was on a blog radio show tonight, and I MISSED IT because I thought it was next Tuesday night. I feel so bad. And I walk around I’m going to miss a meeting, a deadline or something ALL THE TIME.
So this post is kind of a Hammy therapy session, as we share our deepest darkest fears–Falling off our hammy wheels!
MM: Same thing happened to me today!! My son was having this big bday party this weekend, and I had edits due today, and several very important posts to write (that I still haven’t gotten done), then I was watching the grandbaby this morning and I completely forgot I was supposed to be running the Operation Awesome Mystery Agent contest. Good thing they figured it out and took care of it. And I forgot I was supposed to post the October preview for Scene 13. AND I forgot about 4 other things that I only remembered last second. I think my hamster wheel has finally derailed…
Ha! And I just remembered that the reason I was the most forgetful yesterday was that my own book released, LOL hehe.
LA: This is like a Hammy nightmare! But I guess it’s inevitable that even the most hyper of hammies have their limits. Thank goodness for my new Iphone–I make it remind me about everything. I just have to remember to remind myself. And even then, I’m still worried I’ve forgotten something!

meMM: My other fear is that I’ll get too busy to actually write….and that has recently happened too. I have a couple projects that I’m just not going to be able to do because I over committed to everything else. And really, if I’m too busy to write, then something is seriously wrong, you know? Ugh, and I think I have a bajillion things happening on Monday and right now I can only remember 2 of them LOL

lisaLA: I also have a fear of dropping balls, as well–I’ve got cover design projects going, as well as my teaching, and then there are umpteen work meetings and reports and trouble-shooting and fire putter-outing. and arghhh…
And my other fear is of saying yes to something I have no business saying yes to.

meMM: LOL omg, I think just about everything I say yes to qualifies for that 😀

lisaLA: LOL…right now I’m trying to email my students to make sure THEY frikkin remember to do the assignment I gave (at that’s another thing–making sure I remember what assignment I gave so I can yell at them when they don’t do it).

meMM: I really need to remember to write things down the second I hear of them…but I forget……

Well, Hammy, thanks for sharing. We started off this year worrying that this might happen and then we got too busy to even talk about how busy we are! So, just for fun, here’s a scary hamster image to get you all in the Halloween state of mind…
So now that we shared our scariest, spookiest crazed hammy fears, what are some of your fears?

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