Message Received

Our challenge this month is to use the last noun from the first sentence of the book we’re currently reading, and write about the first image that appears in a search engine. In my case, the book is Blender for Dummies. (Don’t laugh. It’s for a 3D computer animation software, not a kitchen appliance. :-)) The last noun in the first sentence (I skipped a bunch of pages to get to the introduction) is GRAPHICS. (Whew! Could’ve been worse!) The first image to pop up in google is:

scene13fanfic image

Message Received

The wreckage of our entire civilization drifted in shards through space, just outside our escape pod. I put my hand against the shielding barrier and watched in bitter silence, shoulder to shoulder with my sisters, determined to spot something recognizable in the debris.

“Maybe it was an accident,” Allenah said quietly.

“This was no accident.” I held back my anger. “There was a message embedded in the disc. Chandok was trying to break the encryptions.”

“A simple message would not have done this.”

“The message was not so simple, and he had it narrowed down to one solar system.”


I pulled my blade and pinned Allenah against the barrier before she could say another word. “Whose side are you on?”

“Yours, of course. But Earth? They aren’t capable of this.”

“You saw the contraption they sent, with that cursed golden disc. They destroyed everything—our men, our children, our future. Our entire race will cease to exist when we are gone.”

“Masa. Not now,” said Grogenas, our oldest sister.

I released Allenah and stood with my back against the wall, wondering who was with me, and who was against. “Would you have us wait until we are too old to fight back? Would you stay here, drifting aimlessly among the dead, and not seek any retribution at all?”

Grogenas fixed her gaze on the ruins beyond the barrier. Once again, we fell into a mournful silence. Until a child’s toy came into view.

“We will gather support from allies and build our army, with or without council authorization,” Grogenas announced. “When all is ready, I know of a ship that can have us on Earth within the beat of a human heart.”

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About Toni Kerr

Toni Kerr is the Author of Descendant, a YA Urban Fantasy due to be published in December of 2013. She loves the peaceful silence at 5am and Oreo ice cream, preferably scarfed down before her kids get out of bed. Salty french fries, Sushi, and being on a warm beach at sunset rank pretty high as well.

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