A Soul Going Once… Going Twice… Sold!

I am reading Donna Brown’s Half Truths. Sentence: The body floated in the shallow end of the murkypool. I Googled pool, and this is what popped up:

A SWIMMING POOL: (I couldn’t get the picture to upload)

My stomach rumbled. Despite being hungry, I didn’t feel like eating. My appetite was going to suffer until I figured out what to do about my family’s finances. Choosing a chair under an umbrella instead of a lounge, I sipped the lukewarm coffee, pulled out the printouts from the envelope and started reading.

Mr. Sinclair hadn’t been kidding about the final cost. Throw in transportation, food and lodging, the final bill was going to be huge. The more I read the more I knew that the procedure was the only solution. I couldn’t put a price on my brother’s life.

I was almost done when the telltale prickling feeling of being watched returned. Lowering the papers, I glanced around and studied the other guests.

The few grownups on the pool deck were busy worshiping the sun, their children splashing in the hotel’s pool. Others walked by on their way to the beach. No one appeared to be paying me any attention, yet the feeling persisted.

I glanced at the hotel. Our room was on the executive floor and faced the pool. Could Sinclair be watching me? Checking on his investment? I shuddered at the thought. If I lacked conscience, I’d quit. Pack up my things and disappear. I had enough money to buy a bus ticket to anywhere, but I couldn’t do that to my brother, the only person who’d ever loved me. Because of me, he’d suffered for two years. Because of me, he was pumped full of pain meds every day and treated like a child when he was once the star QB of my high school. No, Sam needed me now more than ever. As for Mom, I couldn’t thing about her crazy suggestion without cringing. Mothers were supposed to be nice. Loving. Protective of their children. Mine just threw me under the bus. There had to be another way to make a hundred grand without selling my soul to the devil.

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Author of several YA/teen series: The Guardian Legacy YA books about children of the fallen angels who nuke demons between classes and high school drama. Runes series (NA) about Immortal soul reapers and their interraction with humans. And contemporary romance series about an Irish-American family on the west coast and their search for love in these trying times

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