Lap? Really? My Word is Lap?

Kelly opened Whisper Falls to the first page and read the opening line. Her heart skipped a beat as she wondered what the last noun of the sentence would be. As she read the word, she froze.

“Lap? Really? My word is ‘lap’?”

She hastily returned to her Scene13 instructions. Yup. She had to type “lap” into Google and click images. Please don’t be porn. Please don’t be porn, Kelly chanted as she clicked on her search.

“What the hell is that?” She scanned the other images, finding two similar ones showing middle-aged men resting their heads on the legs.

“It’s a pillow of some nature? Who would want that? It…must have been designed by a man.”

She nodded, accepting it was just one of the many things in this world that she’d never understand.


12 thoughts on “Lap? Really? My Word is Lap?

  1. What the dickens are you supposed to do with that? Dance around it? Put a dog on it?Look after a heard of reindeer with it? Use it to imbibe a bowl of milk? Overtake a straggling runner?
    Right that’s me done. Commiserations.

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