Gah! Free Topic! Are you NUTS?

Free topic for a writer is NOT ZEN. It’s a blank page of possibility and possible disaster. Free topic is how we begin each book: a scene, a character, an ending line, an image, a phrase … Then we develop and marry the idea for a year or two or three … or more. Many of us are already married and know that it’s work … work work work. So diving in, in writing, isn’t diving in, but testing the waters because once we’re in, there’s nothing that will get us to write our way out of it. There’s no such this as Divorce Court for WIPs and writers.

I'm so here!

I’m so here!

Free topic is empty space, our relationship with that space, and how we’ll create a new world out of that space.  It’s like dating, the giddy part, until we realize we’ve spilled mustard on our shirt and forgot to put deodorant on before that crucial first date.

I know. What am i complaining about? Don’t I love this? Yes. Free topic is GREAT when it’s not an imposed free topic. But when we’re “given” a free topic, we’re stuck thinking about all the things we should’ve written about, could’ve written about, didn’t write about … because there was just too much pressure in one white space of blogphere! And I’ve got mustard on my shirt!



Dramatic? Well, yeah. I’m a writer.  Sure, some are the Marcel Prousts of the cyber-world. I’m more of a stutterer. My brain gets cluttered. I don’t know where to begin. I do, however, have a good idea where this should end.

Happy end of August!




7 thoughts on “Gah! Free Topic! Are you NUTS?

  1. I like your first date analogy, even though I haven’t had one of those in a couple of decades. Can’t say I miss them. 😉

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