Back to School Blues


I have to admit, summer vacation, while always nice, is the most frustrating part of the year for me. With all my kiddos home, with all the fun and traveling we do together, there is no time for me to write. Which leads to terrible things like missed deadlines, edit stress, and general writer’s guilt. So while back to school for them means back to work for me, it’s also a real breath of fresh air.

Most people would love a three month break from their jobs. Does that make me crazy? Yep. I’m a writer. Writing and being a little crazy go hand in hand.

See, we ‘work’ because for us, writing is as imperative as breathing. When I go for too long without writing, I get all kinds of anxiety. I have weird dreams, talk to myself, and sometimes I get so lost in my own mind it keeps me from focusing on whatever I’m trying to do at the time, which can be really bad. Like when I’m driving. My ‘work’ is what keeps me sane. So please join me in a heartfelt welcome back to autumn and, for me, a return to doing the thing I love most on earth. Making stuff up.

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About authorsherry

Sherry is the author of several YA novels including The Gods of Fate trilogy, After Burn: Military Brats, and the Lost Imperials series which she co-writes with Tyler H. Jolley. Her newest novel, EXTRACTED, is due for release 11.12.13

6 thoughts on “Back to School Blues

  1. I’m like you; I need to write to keep myself sane. That’s why I claw out writing time whenever possible.

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