The topic this month is writer’s choice. I’ve had the hardest time narrowing down what I Sherry, D'Vora, Marie, Brooke, Mewanted to focus on. But when Spencer Hill Press recently decided to attend Comic Con in NYC in October and I realized I’m not going to be able to attend, the topic hit me. Friends. I’ve meet so many writers since I’ve become active in the writing community, online and especially at BEA. But it’s more than meeting “writers.” They’ve become friends. A support system. People who understand the demands of this crazy career we’ve chosen (and love). People I can talk to about “voices” in my head and they don’t look at me like I need to be thrown into a padded cell (ha-ha).

Kelly, Lisa, Me, Dorothy from Scene13 blog - CopyWhen I wrote PODs I didn’t know about the vast writing community. I wrote without critique partners or beta readers. I missed the support and input they can offer a writer. Now that I’ve met both writers and bloggers I realize the writing community is more than a bunch of authors pushing their books. It’s a group of people supporting, encouraging and caring about each other.

So while some of my writer friends will be hanging together in NYC, I’ll be in Texas missing them like I have everyday since BEA.

Because I haven’t just met authors. I’ve met dear friends. And for that, I’m so thankful.



10 thoughts on “Writers…Friends

  1. Awww…I’m so excited that I made it onto this blog post! It was so great becoming your friend during BEA. I wish you were going to be at NYCC. Maybe we can FACETIME! I know you like to do that! Can we set that up? I’m sure We would all love to see your smiling face for sure, and then you can be a part of it! EEP! I love that I’m part of your “community” now!!!! Another EEP for good luck!

  2. Living in the boonies, I would have gone stark mad if I hadn’t made writer friends online–first through the Class of 2k8, then the Enchanted Inkpot, now Scene13. My sole experience is with the hugely supportive kidlit culture–is it the same all over, in your experience?

  3. Michelle, I wish you could be at Comic Con 😦 I know it’s wicked far for you (my Massachusetts is showing), but I miss you.

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