The curse of the free topic

This month on Scene 13 we have free reign to write about whatever we


As someone trying to service two blogs, trying to find a topic to post about which isn’t completely self-promotional is a struggle. I’ve got a book coming out in October, so you’ll be hearing enough about that in the months to come. So instead, I’ve looked at my process–hah–as if.

So here it is–and excuse the puns–I’m having treatment.

How to write an author blog.

Method 1—the usual.

·      Get up.

.   Pour self glass of iced water while still half-asleep.

s   Spill some on bare skin.

     Yelp with shock and apologize to dog for frightening him out of bone filled dream.

·      Take hot coffee in to office/study with intent (If no tent a yurt will do).

·      Put aside any thoughts of working on WIP.

·      Log on to internet and check emails.

·      Answer emails.

·      Check cost of new loafers on one site—20 sites.

·      Check e-bay auction for new dog bowl.

·      Check filmography of girl seen on TVcop show previous night whose name you can’t remember.

·      Watch trailers of five new movies due for release from filmography site in genres you have absolutely no interest in.

·      Five minutes before having to leave for work/breakfast/flu shot, make note to self on post-it. Must write blog tomorrow—how about witty take on how to eat a bruised banana?

     Method 2—the failsafe.

·      Get up.

·      Do not go to study.

·      Avoid laptops/Ipads/Iphones/Blackberries

·      Sit down at kitchen table with pen and paper while coffee brews.

·      Write 3 paragraphs long hand.

    et viola.

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About Rhys A Jones

Rhys A Jones writes books for ages 9 to 90. Sometimes scary, always adventurous. The Obsidian Pebble, first of the Artefact series for MG readers, is due for release in Oct 2013. The Beast of Seabourne in Oct 2014. Both from SHP.  Enjoy the ride.

13 thoughts on “The curse of the free topic

  1. I hate blogging. I know, weird thing for an author to say. I mainly use my blogs for contests and announce new releases or ocassionally my WIP or feature another author. I do love writing on my notebook though.

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