One Writer’s Inspiration…(otherwise known as a serious Fan Girl moment)

Last month, I attended the RWA Conference in Atlanta.  My hubby and I turned it into a week’s vacation and had a wonderful time. I still can’t believe it was weeks ago.

Among the many perks of attending conference has always been getting to listen to, see, and —if lucky—even take a picture with some of the authors who have provided endless inspiration to me.  These are the authors whose work I study, read and get inspired to work harder and write bettter.  These are the authors who bring out the fangirl in me.

My first fangirl moment was in meeting Kristin Hannah.  She was signing books at an RWA conference years ago, and though I had met other authors I admired before her, I stammered my way through an introduction and managed to say how much I loved her work. (Oh so original.)

MeLisaGardnersmThis year, I got to meet Lisa Gardner and hear her give a workshop on writing romantic suspense.  I’ve read every one of her books. I’ve studied her books. I even got my husband to read her books (and he had his own fan-guy moment at conference, too — she took a photo with him as well.)  (She’s the blond on the left.)

It was a thrill to meet someone whom I so admire.  Lisa Gardner is one of the reasons I’ve turned toward writing suspense.  The one next on my list? Judith McNaught.  She’s the reason I started writing historicals.

Who would you love to meet? Who would give you that slightly embarrassing fan girl moment?


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