What to expect when you’re expecting a book release


My book, Breaking Glass released last month on July 9th. Everyone makes a big deal about it. Everyone is excited, just like when you are having a baby! And just like when you have a baby, it’s nothing like you thought it would be.

I’m not sure what I expected. I certainly didn’t expect the post-pub depression part –very much like the post partum depression some mothers experience after the baby comes. Nobody warned me about that! Nobody warned me NEVER to look at my Amazon ranks and not to think about how my book is selling.

I figured that out quickly enough. Don’t do it. First of all, the Amazon ranks make no sense. Secondly, even if it appears you are on top of the world for a day, it’s not going to last. So forget it.

So I got over that. I allowed myself to enjoy the lovely messages from friends and readers who really like my book. I enjoyed my wonderful launch party. I had a great signing. Once I got past the fear, I actually started to feel good.

I obsessed over Breaking Glass for around two weeks. But now there is another baby due. That is Vision, due out May 2014. Breaking Glass is now the older sibling. It’s time to get ready for the new baby. And just like the second time is easier, I expect the birth of Vision to be far less fraught with uncertainty and anxiety.

In fact, I’m hoping that I can finally figure out how to promote a book and still find time to write the next one!

I’d love to hear release day pearls of wisdom from those of you who have already experienced this. I’m sure all the expectant parents will want to hear as well.


6 thoughts on “What to expect when you’re expecting a book release

  1. You said it, Sandra and Ednah – keep writing! The best writing advice I ever got (from Holly Black, no less) was “Your front list sells your back list. Keep going!”

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