skinned knees

Summer … is NOT the time to catch up on reading. All July, I’ve only had time to be a Mom which has had its fair share of scraped knees and bug bites. (Summer legs!) And, honestly, it’s been pretty wonderful. We’ve blown bubbles, gone hiking, swimming, to hot springs, family and friend barbecues, summer evenings running up and down the streets chasing tricycles, wagon rides (where I’m the assigned donkey) and endless days that turn into when-is-bedtime nights.

So, needless to say, I’m ready for school to start. I’m feeling slightly guilty because I signed a contract with my daughters’ school to do homework every day. But somehow that’s gotten lost in chalk drawings, softball bats, and lazy mornings. I thought about it and have felt the crunch of pressure: What if my kid’s behind? (She’s five) What if she’s the only one not reading War and Peace when she enters the classroom?

What if my kid’s the only one who had a real, honest-to-goodness summer vacation?


We’ll get back into routines when we return home to Colombia (we’ve been visiting family in Nevada). We’ll get back to the books. But for now, the next two days anyway, I think I’ll just cart around my bandages and scrape spray.

Just DON’T tell her teachers!

8 thoughts on “Summer Reading … or WHEN DOES SCHOOL START AGAIN?

  1. Sometimes life experience is just as important, if not more than, book learning. That said, I read a lot with my son, and I try to work math into everyday activities so it’s not just homework.

    • I read every day, but we haven’t been “practicing” our letters and stuff. Ahhh … that’s okay. She’ll have a bank of summer stories to pull from for her own someday!

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