Summer Reading and Writing

Summer reading? Ha! Before I left home for the summer, I loaded my nook with plenty of e-books I thought I’d have time to read, but it hasn’t happened—I haven’t even peeked at a book. (Well, we do have an audio book playing in the car during our trips to town, but I honestly can’t recommend the one we’re listening to.)

I’ve been “unplugged” for a month now and my to-do list is 300 miles away. It’s stressful being so out of touch with the world and my normal routine, but it’s been a learning experience too. Life is slow and constant and focused; such a huge contrast from the hectic, crisis-management mode I tend to be in at home. It’s not like we’re not super busy, we’re working or playing by the first light of dawn and crashing hard when the sun goes down.

I think the difference is that I’m not being pulled in a million directions. I used to take pride in my ability to do many things at once, but now I’m seeing the benefits of focusing on one thing at a time. I make an effort to get up extra early for dedicated writing time, and without Internet, the time is used quite efficiently. I’m impressed by how much I can get done when I’m not so easily distracted. And another odd thing I’ve discovered, when I’m done with a bit of writing, I’m done. I don’t linger on various scenes throughout the day, or replay conversations between characters, or dwell on how to blend sub-plots. This evening I realized my WIP didn’t cross my mind all day, yet I’m ready to dive in if I get the chance.

So this summer, I’m seeing proof that I don’t have to be obsessed with my writing at all times to keep up the momentum. I can devote 100% of my attention to the day’s major and minor events without the guilt of neglecting my characters, and I know I’m not going to lose that driving dedication just because I’m thoroughly invested (and enjoying) something unrelated. I just hope I can remember how relaxing it is to have a less cluttered, more focused mind, and how efficient my writing can be if I’m not multi-tasking at the same time (like checking email or reconfiguring the mental to-do list). So I think that’ll be the new goal when I get back home: to gradually increase my unplugged, focused, dedicated writing time from the current 45 minutes to at least a few hours. Makes me happy just thinking about it. 🙂

Enjoy the summer while it lasts! Whether it be relaxing with a book or challenging your physical and mental limitations.


6 thoughts on “Summer Reading and Writing

  1. Multi-tasking can be frazzling at times. I wish it was easier to focus more in everyday life, not just on a summer break!

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