Podcasts: Another medium for book lovers

I was all stressed out about what I would post about since everyone’s mentioned books, books and more books: audio books, e-books, chapter books, MG books, fantasy books, science-fiction books…  You see where I’m going with this. We love books, we write books, and we read books. We are book people.

So yes, I wasn’t sure what I would contribute to this month’s topic until my college daughter, who’s home for the holidays, asked me to listen to a podcast on her iTunes. Now I have another medium through which I can enjoy books. For the last few weeks, we’ve been listening to Pocasts, when not listening to audio books. My favorite is Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, and narrated by Cecil Baldwin (Commonplace Books).  Oh, my, the narrator is amazing. The book is funny, scary, and brilliant.

I’m a serious geek and have watched a lot of sc-fi movies. I finished Eureka a few months ago and Welcome to Night Vale reminds me a lot of Eureka except there’s something seriously sinister going on in Night Vale, from glowing clouds in the sky, angels seen by Old Woman Josie, Pteranodons, hooded figures in Dog Park, a house the scientists are convinced doesn’t exist, books that can’t be read, the Sherrif’s secret police…

Nothing is ever normal in Nigt Vale.

Since we are on the road a lot, we also listen to audio books. This summer we’ve focused on mythology. My kids loooove mythology. And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve a series based on one, lol. We’ve covered Greek, Norse and Egyptian. We threw in a few interesting stories like Sherlock Holmes and Archimedes and the Stargazers. We get these on CDs and the best narrator out there for these kid classics is Jim Weiss. Love his voice.

On a different note, if anyone is interested in having their book narrated into audio and is not sure how to go about it or even to try it, DM me on Facebook. My fourth book has just been turned into an audio book and I’ve never been happier. When not listening to podcasts, I’ve been listening/editing the chapters my narrator upload on ACX.

Anywho, happy reading and listening.


7 thoughts on “Podcasts: Another medium for book lovers

  1. I’ve made two of my books into audiobooks so far. The process for making them is complex, but it’s still easier than marketing the audiobook. Do you have any tips for that, Ednah?

    • I’m at a loss too, but I’ve done two things, mentioned the books when released on my FB page and tweeter, BUT, I also created a video with still pictures and used the first 5 min for my first book and 8 min for the second book and uploaded them on Youtube. I got the codes for freebies for the first one and plan to give two away on a blog hop.

  2. Podcasts are a great way to connect with new readers. Broad Universe does a monthly podcast, and it has a pretty good following.

  3. I love listening to book podcasts while exercising. And if I ever got to go to the beach (*sob*) I’d probably love it there, too. Thanks for the recommendations!

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