Heat Wave!

Am I the only person who has a hard time writing in heat like this? 103 in the shade this week and the sanity is melting off me like ice cream. It’s impossible for me to focus. Bring on the mid-day rain storms and crisp, chilly air of Autumn, please!

So what do you do when it’s too hot to write?

Well, I’ve been taking some time to fill my tanks, as it were. My creativity tanks. I’ve been going to movies, hiking, exploring old mines, traveling, anything at all to refuel on those things that will keep my creativity humming along in the next few months. And thankfully, I can feel it working. Just last night I had a bit of dialogue float through my brain that I had to write down immediately. I don’t know who said it or where it goes yet, but I will. I can feel my creative tsunami on the horizon.

Some people don’t need to do this. Some people are so filled with creative energy, it may never run out. I, sadly, am not one of those people.

But on the plus side, my tanks are nearly full (I can tell by how many new book ideas I’m hit with just as my head hits the pillow at night) and I’m ready to get back to the actual writing part of life.

So, my question writer friends is, how do you fill your creative tanks?



Welcome to the war. The Tesla Institute is a premier academy that trains young time travelers called Rifters. Created by Nicola Tesla, the Institute seeks special individuals who can help preserve the time stream against those who try to alter it.

The Hollows are a rogue band of Rifters who tear through time with little care for the consequences. Armed with their own group of lost teens–their …only desire to find Tesla and put an end to his corruption of the time stream.
Torn between them are Lex and Ember, two Rifters with no memories of their life before joining the time war.
When Lex’s girlfriend dies during a mission, the only way he can save her is to retrieve the Dox, a piece of tech which allows Rifters to re-enter their own timeline without collapsing the time stream. But the Dox is hidden deep within the Telsa Institute, which means Lex must go into the enemy camp. It’s there he meets Ember, and the past that was stolen from them both comes flooding back.
Now armed with the truth of who they are, Lex and Ember must work together to save the future before the battle for time destroys them both…again.
* * * *
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About authorsherry

Sherry is the author of several YA novels including The Gods of Fate trilogy, After Burn: Military Brats, and the Lost Imperials series which she co-writes with Tyler H. Jolley. Her newest novel, EXTRACTED, is due for release 11.12.13

6 thoughts on “Heat Wave!

  1. Like you, I’m forever going to new and interesting (and sometimes weird) places to “fill my tanks”. You never know when inspiration will strike.

  2. I’m still working on my creative tank! I do a lot of reading. I have ideas, but I can’t seem to get them past that stage 😦 I need to take a weekend by myself and just write!

  3. Heat wave here in the UK too. Afternoons are the worst. Now I get up at 5 to work in the cool air. Trouble is I’m bushed by 9 pm. Still, good excuse to read like stink.

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