Camp Boyfriend… Sneak Peek

CampBoyfriendbutThis month, I need to go off-script just a little because there’s only one thing on my mind. And while it happens to be Joanne writing for J.K. today (hello!), I am positive there’s only one thing taking up all Karen’s thoughts this week too. Our debut book, CAMP BOYFRIEND, releases on Tuesday so we’ve been writing blogs, planning a book trailer, creating book club resources, going to conferences… all sorts of fun stuff.

Yet, with all the planning we’ve been doing to launch the book with fanfare, we realized we’d overlooked a key ingredient. A basic tool of promo that authors use all the time and readers LOVE. How could we possibly have forgotten to post an excerpt?

17371981Luckily, our Scene 13 day was coming up and we thought this would be a great place to reveal a sneak peek from the book. If you’ve read Camp Kiss, you will have already met Seth and Lauren. (Download a free copy here.) If you haven’t read the prequel, I think this is still going to be fun J. To set the scene- a small group of older campers have taken a canoe trip to a remote spot away from the camp where they are spending the night in lean-tos. Lauren gets a secret visitor late that night, and they visit on the roof of her shelter:

…..Seth continued to grip my hand. “Please hear me out, Lauren. This will only take a leantominute.”

“Fine. But just for a minute. That’s it.” I plunked down on the rooftop and swung my legs over the edge, back hunched, arms crossed.

All around us slept campers in lean-tos. By the moon’s low position, I guessed it was well past midnight. An owl hooted from a nearby pine, then took flight in a blur of white and grey.

Strix varia,” Seth breathed behind me. “Must be after a frog. Look at him dive.”


I tracked the bird to the river. The current made a soft shhhhh sound as it flowed over and around rocks and boulders. I’d forgotten how much I loved this time of night- the peaceful, natural feel of it.

Seth’s shoulder brushed mine as he lowered himself beside me. Goosebumps broke out on my skin, every molecule in my bloodstream screaming to life. I took a steadying breath.the peaceful, natural feel of it.

He wrapped an arm around me. “Cold?”

I shook my head and edged away. “You said this would take a minute, so…?”

His finger pressed against my lips while the other hand pointed. My eyes widened at the sight of a portable field telescope set up to our left. Stargazing. As science geeks, it’d always been one of our favorite things to do together. I couldn’t believe he lugged the collapsible apparatus on the trip. Given the limited gear we were allowed to pack, he’d made some sacrifices to have this moment with me.

“C’mon.” Seth scrambled across the roof, peered into the eyepiece, and focused the lens. He looked up. “Last year we talked about seeing the Perseids together and tonight’s a good clear night for viewing. I didn’t want you to miss it. Have a look.”

stargazing-romantic-600x400He remembered this meteor shower that only an astronomer would love. My heart leaped. Say no, I told myself sternly in spite of its sudden jump.

“Okay,” came out instead.

My eyes flew to the sky. I hadn’t forgotten about the meteor shower and our promise to watch the skies together, but I’d put it out of my mind when I brought Matt to camp. But now… this was science, right? We could be nerds for a few minutes without acting on our hormones, couldn’t we? This was exactly what I needed. To rediscover my passion for astronomy, a part of me that I’d ignored all year, mostly because my dad had checked out of my life.

And didn’t that make me a lot like Matt—spiting myself to get back at my dad for ignoring me? I felt ashamed of myself and my pettiness.

Now, I knelt behind the telescope and looked down into the eyepiece. My breath caught at the otherworldly view. A streak of white light shown against an onyx sky dotted with twinkling stars. Behind it blazed another stream of periwinkle and azure blue.

Wonder filled me. I was transported, aware of the vastness of life and my tiny place in it. The familiar, otherworldly feel brought back my Aerospace Scholar ambition and memories of planetarium trips with Dad.

I grabbed Seth’s hand, wanting him to share this amazing moment.  But then his arms wrapped around me and he stared into my eyes, the stars reflected in his gaze.

Our breaths synchronized. He exhaled against my temple, making my chest flutter. I turned to tell him I had to go. But before I could speak, his lips captured mine.

My feelings for Seth rushed back with a pull as unstoppable as gravity itself. We tumbled against the roof, every nerve-ending awakening at his familiar touch. He was fantasy come to life. A forgotten dream remembered.

Seth pulled back and looked down at me with his expressive eyes. “I’ve missed you so much, Lauren.”

“Me too,” I admitted.summer6

He rolled us over so that I was on top. My hair hung down like a curtain, the dark strands blotting out the world….


We hope you’re intrigued enough to read more! Please do check out some of our fun contests and giveaways and thank you for letting us share. J

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