If you’re not changing … you’re dead …

And even then, you’re changing (decomposing — sorry, a little gross there, or maybe in the reincarnation line, wherever your beliefs take you …)Image

I’ve thought about this topic … transitions. And, yeah it’s taken me time to catch on here, I realized that everything is always in “transition”. There’s no static — non-changing moments. We’re always in flux, perpetual movement. And if we’re damned determined to stay in one place, the universe and the powers that be work to make sure we don’t.

So … buckle up. Sometimes they’re neck-breaking, sometimes sluggish … but always, always, always know that change is coming, good or bad. And when it’s bad, keep breathing, keep typing, keep writing, keep reading, and go back to breathing.

In Colombia, there’s a saying: No hay mal que dure cien años ni cuerpo que lo resista”  (Meaning: Nothing lasts forever. This, too, shall pass.)




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