Sorry for the late post. My summers get a bit crazy but better late then never right?

What can I say about transitions that you guys haven’t discussed. Transition is change, which means it can be either positive or a negative. Negative when it is a ball curve you didn’t see coming and you want to curl up in bed with a bottle of whiskey, or wine in my case, and shut out the world. Give up. Indulge in a paralyzing why-me pity-fest. You know the kind I’m talking about. When the editor working on your book quits and they cancel your contract, or when your publisher closes shop. That’s when your test begins. Do you pick yourself up and keep going? When positive you grab the same bottle of wine, or whiskey, call your best friend and celebrate. Positive or negative, transitions is character building.

I’ve had my shares of transitions as an author. When I parted ways with my first publisher and decided to just write for fun and not submit anything. When I had an agent who didn’t think I should write about the Nephilim (my Guardian Legacy series) and I let her go. When I signed with a new agent who is so supportive. When I got my first contract and I thought I’d made it only to realize success doesn’t end with signing a contract. When I decided to start a small publishing press to publish my adult romance book.

Facing transitions head on isn’t always easy, but I refuse to stop doing what I love just because some faceless person behind a desk at some publishing house thinks my word isn’t good enough. Transitions are like sieves. Those who refuse to face them stop growing as a person.



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