The transition from behind to in front…

The 1st of the month was my first book signing. I signed copies of PODs at Book Expo America. And if you ask anyone who was there, I was scared to death. I’m not a huge fan of large crowds. I’m the type of person who loves to chat and joke with people in small 419112_553233378052400_1138348766_ngroups, but I’d rather have a root canal than speak in public. To this day I’m convinced my public speaking professor in college gave me a passing grade because she felt sorry for me. I mean, how could she not? I turned into a blotchy, hived covered, squeaky voiced, mess every time I had to give a speech. I get hives just remembering it.

But this month I found myself transitioning from the writer hiding behind her computer to an author in front of readers and bloggers. And while my hands shook and my voice wavered (and I’m positive I had a hive or two), I realized that the readers and bloggers weren’t going to bite. They were as excited to see me as I was to see them. Unbelievable!

By the time my signing was over I found myself having something I never thought I thought possible while in the public spotlight…fun. I loved meeting the readers. Their excitement was almost intoxicating. And it was wonderful to meet bloggers in person whom I’d been emailing for months.

I won’t say my book signing cured me of my fear of public speaking. In fact, I’m positive it hasn’t. But it has helped me transition into a person who is more willing to push her boundaries and step outside her comfort zone and step into the public speaking arena…hives and all.

Oh, and one more transition for the month…I went from pre-published to debut young adult published author. PODs released the 4th!

Michelle 🙂

7 thoughts on “The transition from behind to in front…

  1. So proud of you, Michelle! I was happy to be there to watch you bloom before my eyes! Plus, your dang book is getting incredible reviews! Cannot wait to read it myself!

  2. YAY!!!! So excited for these kinds of changes, Michelle! What an amazing month you’re having with PODs on the shelves and making such an impression on readers. Congratulations! – Joanne

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