Teenage Transition

ImageTransitions is our topic of the month. I’ve been through so many, just like everyone else. I think the toughest was having kids. But a close second is transitioning from childhood to adulthood. I’m still not sure i made it all the way yet. ;D

Writing for YA means writing for that stage where you crave independence, but still need support. It’s when you have the mental capacity of an adult, complete with a wide knowledge base and analytical thinking, but you also have intense emotional swings and probably not a lot of life experience to draw on. It’s when you want to be acknowledged for the mature, intelligent, person you are, but you still need love and reassurance. You feel invincible and optimistic about changing the world.

Being a teen is a pretty wonderful and confusing time. Sometimes it even sucks. But that’s why I love writing from that frame of mind. Because everything and anything is still possible. And in books, teens can explore and learn and experience all the things that they want to in a safe way. Or better yet, find comfort from understanding that they are not alone. That they aren’t the only ones who think a certain way, or deal with certain issues.


9 thoughts on “Teenage Transition

  1. Sigh…my son is still a long way off from becoming a teenager, but that’s a scary transition for me to face.

  2. I’ve got 3 1/2 years before my oldest is a teen (tho he acts like he is now, so I can’t see how it will get worse! LOL). I remember teen years being trying but exciting and fun!

  3. You’re right–great time to write for, terrible time to live through. (Which is why our readers need to escape!) I wouldn’t be a teen again for all the gumdrops in the deep blue sea.

  4. Sandra, you’ll be amazed by how fast you make the transition for your kids. I have two teens and a twenty year old, and without them cheering on the sideline, I would never have started writing YA.

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