Interview with Lisa Gail Green about her debut YA fantasy, The Binding Stone

Lisa Gail Green’s imaginative young adult fantasy debut, THE BINDING STONE, came out this month, in which Lisa spins a highly original, contemporary “genie trapped in a bottle” tale. Except this genie (or Djinn) is trapped in stone.

I got to catch up with her recently and ask her a few questions about THE BINDING STONE and her road to publication.

THE BINDING STONE  by Lisa Gail Green

Amazing Cover of THE BINDING STONE by Lisa Gail Green (Currently on sale for 99 cents on Kindle!)

“Twisty, complex, yet easy to read…[THE BINDING STONE] is fresh, original, and wholly absorbing.” –Martina Boone

First, I want to say that this book cover is absolutely glorious. I’ve been in cover love since I first saw it. (Just look at those gorgeous jewel-toned colors. Love.) I’ll also add that Lisa is possibly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

LENA: In the spirit of Three Things & A Cupcake, a lighthearted author interview series I post (sporadically) on my personal blog, I asked Lisa the oh-so-very-serious question: What are three challenges you faced on your road to publishing? I also promised I’d post a drool-worthy picture of a cupcake, unless she was anti-cupcake, to which Lisa replied: 

LISA: WHAT??? ANTI-CUPCAKE???? Are you crazy? LOL!

LENA: And that’s why Lisa in on my permanent friend list. Forevah! 😉

LISA: Okay, three challenges having to do with myself or THE BINDING STONE? Here we go!

1. I have to be honest here. I’m perfect. What? Oh. Right. I said honest. Sorry! My biggest personal challenge is actually self-doubt. I’ve written blogposts about keeping it at bay and everything, but it does creep back in there even though I have a book coming out. Crazy, huh? Luckily though, it doesn’t last too long. I move on and find something to be happy about and just enjoy writing too darn much to let it bug me! So there.

2. Challenge with the book? I love this book. So I guess my BIGGEST challenge was hacking it up and deleting my darlings and all that. Plus Leela’s a Djinni so she kept fixing everything and putting it back and we had this big fight and there were tears shed and… That last part may or may not have actually taken place. It’s hard to say what’s in my head and all. That’s one crazy place! But that’s why I love writing. No offense to any non-crazy writers out there.

3. RUNNING OUT OF COFFEE. I must have it. It’s the only thing that flips the on switch in my brain. Especially now that I have a baby who WILL NEVER SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. And, yes, I have two other children, so I know that sounds ridiculous, but I’m really starting to go there. Anyhow, I’d love to quit caffeine, but I don’t see that happening in the near future. So in the meantime I embrace it.

Three things you now know about me. NOW WHERE’S MY CUPCAKE? ;D

Image used with permission. Thanks to–looks yummy!

LENA: Okay, I promised Lisa a cupcake, preferably something a genie would have conjured up…. Honestly, that sounds like just about any cupcake I’ve ever met, right? But I’m up for a better challenge than that, so how about a whole tower of genie-lamp-themed cupcakes? Mmmmm….

Thanks so much for chatting with me, Lisa, and best wishes with your book launch!

Question: if you had one wish from a djinn (aka genie) what would it be? Must include some reference to books, writing, or cupcakes. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Interview with Lisa Gail Green about her debut YA fantasy, The Binding Stone

  1. Hello Lena!! So nice to have you here! I’m addicted to coffee too and your cover is sooo striking! Wow. Good luck with the release. Now… for my djinn wish, I’d like to pull a Michael Keaton in the movie Multiplicity and clone myself briefly. I need a Joanne devoted to writing, one to promo, one to family, one to cupcakes ;-).

  2. Woohoo–thanks for all the cover love. Now for my turn to gush. First–I LOVE Lisa GG, my co-general in our army of Lisas. Lookout, because we are on the march. Lisa–you crack me up as always, and though the book is wrenching and even a little violent in parts, that quirky humor also comes through. It’s a great combo! Secondly, I loved this book. Even though I got the chance to design the cover, no one forced me to read it (confession: I designed the cover off the synopsis). I just could not put it down. Simple as that.
    Thirdly, I must now gush over Lena, the interviewer. Lena is one of the most generous and kind-spirited writers I know. Lena does backflips to help her friends. Lena–I’ll do backflips for you any day (well-virtual backflips–I’m too old for real ones). Plus Lena’s book Aire, is excellent (double back flip).

    Love you guys!!!! Everyone–buy their books. Hurry!! They are both great! (triple backflip and…she nails the landing! *crowd cheers*)

  3. OH I second Lisa’s wish!! I want to hug you guys *tackles Lena and Lisa* Thank you for having me! This was so much fun. *takes huge bite of lamp* What? I had to free the genie!!

    • Hugs to both Lisas! I second the wish to be transported to Lisa A’s kitchen for cupcakes. Failing that, I may have to actually (gasp!) bake. LOL

      Thanks, Lisa GG, for an ultra-fun interview. You always crack me up. 🙂

  4. Hmmm…to make my blog the best blog out there, ever ever ever? Otherwise, I think it would be for the jinn to create a huge library for me that just kept adding books as I added them to my TBR! Great interview! I love cupcakes!

  5. Self doubt, the bane of our existence (some of us anyway). Fun interview and that cupcake tower is amazing. Is that a Djinn’s lamp? My wish, that I I’d have a magical publicist, so I didn’t have to deal with marketing my books. So all I do is write.

  6. I just bought this book, and was stupid enough to read the first couple of pages when I didn’t have time to settle down with it. It’s KILLING me. What a great opening, Lisa!

  7. My djinn wish? Being that I have an ecopy of THE BINDING STONE in my hot little hands (ok, Kindle), I wish I had time to read it!

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