May Day!!! Never Release Another Book…

Oh Crap!!!!   I was supposed to have my post up last night. I told myself I would the whole day and then pow! Life got in the way and I’m running around like a headless chicken. Believe me, I’ve seen a headless chicken run. I grew up in a farm. It is not a pretty sight and that’s moi right now.

It’s literally May Day at my house right now and I swear before you, my fellow authors, bloggers, reviewers, fans, that I will never EVAH release another book in May.

  1. I had a book out yesterday, Runes, which meant marketing blitz on my part and checking with my marketing guru that everything was going smoothly. When I say talking, I mean e-mailing back and forth, which sucks because she has a day job.  May Day!
  2. My daughter had a play at six and since she was one of the leads, I had to take her by five, which meant getting her something to eat before that. Because of that, I missed my 4:15 zumba class and I’m a grouch when I don’t work out. That would not have been bad if I’d made my last Saturday class, which I missed because my other daughter had an out-of-town dance competition and so I was gone…*deep breath*. May Day… May Day!!
  3. May is also the month everyone does everything in my family. High school daughter’s band performance, middle-school son’s band performance, end of year piano recital for my last two—that was last week and violin/viola recital is coming up.  May Day!!!
  4. Then there are deadlines to fill out and mail paperwork for out-of-town, week-long camps… We live in Hickville and not much goes on around here for teens during summer, so we ship them off for 2 weeks to see the “real world” and meet and mingle with “real people” (hehehe, if you tell Utahns I said that I’ll deny it). My DH looks at me and goes, “you’re going to have a heart attack.” And I’m like that pregnant woman in the movie What to Expect when You’re Expecting and I want to punch…*clears throat*…kiss him and hug him and call him George. I abhor violence
  5. Did I mention I’m also editing book 2 in the Runes series while working on my next Guardian Legacy book? Like I said, I will never ever release another book in May.

Happy reading. I’m actually outside my gym typing this. My zumba class starts in 1 minute. Sorry for the late post.

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About Ednah Walters

Author of several YA/teen series: The Guardian Legacy YA books about children of the fallen angels who nuke demons between classes and high school drama. Runes series (NA) about Immortal soul reapers and their interraction with humans. And contemporary romance series about an Irish-American family on the west coast and their search for love in these trying times

14 thoughts on “May Day!!! Never Release Another Book…

  1. Congrats on the publication of your book!

    That does sound like a hectic day! I hope things have calmed down today. Sometimes real life doesn’t slow down for writing or publishing, so you just have to apply some elbow grease and make it work. As an indie, I can choose when I’m ready to publish a story. Although May is a hectic month for me too, I might still publish something in that month so I can bring a shiny new story to WisCon.

  2. Great post, Ednah! You just described my May sans the book release! Congratulations on your book release and accomplishing all of your many many tasks! Here’s a Wonderwoman cape for you- you’ve earned it!

  3. May is the worst. Except for June, of course. And December. And … oh well. Good luck with it all, Ednah!

  4. When you get a chance, stand back and just think what it might have been like if you hadn’t had that release date, or a publisher to release it for you, or the idea that led to the first draft. It sound like May sucks, but it might have sucked more.

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