Do I write about zombies…or am I one?

And there it goes down the road. A cheery yellow blob disappearing into the horizon, and with it, my carefully planned, but rarely kept, writing schedule. *Sigh*Evan

It’s May and the end of the school year is here. And that means I can kiss my writing time buh-bye.  At least writing during the day. I’ll find time to write/edit. Usually between the hours of ten p.m. and three a.m. with a few hours of sleep before the twins plop in the middle of my bed at approximately seven a.m. demanding breakfast between sticking their faces so close to mine my eyes cross trying to focus. After I drag myself out of bed and plod downstairs to pour Trix for one girl and Fruity Pebbles for the other (I know, very healthy. I give them fruit, too. Don’t judge me! ha-ha), hand the wrong bowl to each girl, exchange the bowls, pop open a Red Bull (because that’s my coffee), walk by the rec. room and tell my son to turn down the Xbox, because surely there are parental abuse laws somewhere that state those things can’t be played at the volume he plays them that early, I’ll drop on the couch and wonder why I stayed up so late the night before and it’ll hit me.  Oh, yeah. I love writing.

So bring on the obstacles of summer vacation, because I actually love having my kids home. Larry and I tried to get pregnant for ten years before Evan was born and another four years before Aleigha and Alana were born. So, summer vacation isn’t an inconvenience, DSC_4675just a minor bump in my writing schedule that I need to work around. The endless trips to the pool, the park, the play dates, summer camps, day camps, sporting events, water parks, the beach, the zoo, Sea World, and the general taxi service I drive for my kids and my mother (who doesn’t drive), I’ll take it all and smile, enjoying every second of it, even if I’m a little (or a lot) bleary eyed and feeling like a member of the walking dead in one of my novels.

And later, when my family is dreaming in their beds, it’ll be my turn to dream…just me and my laptop.

Michelle 🙂
Author, PODs available June 4th
Milayna available March 11, 2014
The Infected, a PODs novel available November 2014

(photo: Alana on the left and Aleigha on the right)

15 thoughts on “Do I write about zombies…or am I one?

  1. What a sweet adorable post! I think every writing mother has been there! (I’m on the far side of that, but somehow life still keeps getting in the way). My kids are nearly grown, but I’m still always running somewhere with or for them. And, we’ve still got to eat!

    • I’m glad to hear it doesn’t stop when they get older. People always say to me, “won’t you be glad when they’re older and you won’t have to do so much for them…?” and I think, “no, actually.” The thought makes me sad. I love spending time with them.

  2. Well, I am there!!! I can totally relate. I am always running somewhere with my kids: karate, baseball, whatever. I definitely wait to do my stuff once the littles are in bed!

  3. Okay. SO IMPRESSED! And so wimpy. You juggle three kids and write until three in the morning. WOW! I, on the other hand, collapse into bed around 10:00 at night.
    That said, I think Fruity Pebbles are fruits, right? Little miniature pebble-shaped fruits. 🙂

  4. Off topic: I LOVE WATCHING COOKING SHOWS, TOO. But HATE cooking. My husband never understands. I tell him in another life I was probably a damn good chef. ??? Who knows?

  5. Even with just one child, I feel run ragged; I’m always impressed by the moms who manage with more! Here’s hoping the kids let you sleep when you need to.

    • I have to say, I am incredibly blessed with wonderful children. I know every mother says that, but my kids entertain themselves most days. They play together well, and have terrific friends to have play dates with. My biggest problem is my son. He wants to help write my books for me…which means he actually wants me to get out of the way so he can sit down and type out the scene. It’s very…interesting. 🙂

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