The Zen of struggle: The path with no obstacles leads nowhere.

I’ve come to realise that to write, to spend all those hours strolling around inside your head, you need to be…different.  I would suggest that many of us on this blog realised this at an early age.  A disquieting, self-aware, maverick streak that set you apart from the herd mentality.

Quite a few of us, too,  need the distraction of shiny things, of cud-chewing conversation, of mindless TV, a little less than most. That’s because we have more exciting things going on in our heads.

And yet the world doesn’t go away. Lots of people want a piece of you. Family, work, friends. All part of the great plan, and all necessary to make you human. The writing process is a road full of speed bumps, too. Rejections, deadlines, edits, promotions. It makes you consider why we bother.

I know why I bother. Because I have no choice. If I didn’t, I’d be left with such a big hole, I’d probably fall in and never reach the bottom.

So, we’ve read already this month of how those obstacles need to be overcome. Of how some people have prioritised and juggled. How some people have stood up and confronted them. But my approach is a little bit more sanguine—maybe because I’ve been doing this for a long time. It’s been summed up by someone who puts it a lot better than I could.
To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labor.
– Robert Louis Stevenson

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About Rhys A Jones

Rhys A Jones writes books for ages 9 to 90. Sometimes scary, always adventurous. The Obsidian Pebble, first of the Artefact series for MG readers, is due for release in Oct 2013. The Beast of Seabourne in Oct 2014. Both from SHP.  Enjoy the ride.

8 thoughts on “The Zen of struggle: The path with no obstacles leads nowhere.

  1. I so love when I get excited about a scene … but sometimes it’s hard to get to that point. But whenever anybody asks me what the best part of my job is, I always answer: The writing. Because 99% is writing (in my case) and 1% is actually doing school visits and blog tours etc. So I sure as hell better love the writing.

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