Spring- A Dangerous Time of Year

DCF 1.0Spring is a dangerous time of year for me, when new life overtakes the last signs of winter. One day there’ll be nothing but the same ol’ drizzle and fog, laced with cabin fever, and the next… WHAM! The sun is shining and happy daffodils are begging me to come out and play, followed quickly by tulips and bluebells and bright pink cherry trees. Just having a few extra hours of daylight is a breath of fresh air after six months of gloomy clouds and rain.

So where’s the danger? With twice as much energy, inspiration and ambition strike me hard. I take on new crafts, new hobbies, and re-invest myself in half-finished projects and forgotten resolutions. I try new recipes the kids may or may not like. I actually want to take day trips (away from the computer!) that I wouldn’t normally think I have time for (picture me skipping the gas station in favor of having an extra eight minutes of writing time at home). I read more. Clean more. Visit the neighbors, talk to complete strangers, and take on the yard’s sudden growth spurt with pleasure. I accomplish so much more during the spring than I do in any other season.

See the problem? Ordinarily I’d consider myself an ‘obsessive’ writer, but I’m off track again… contemplating whether I should mow the lawn now or get back to editing—the lawn will be a field soon and it might rain any second! (I’m in Oregon after all). The invading weeds aren’t going to leave without a helping hand, and haven’t I put in enough overtime throughout the winter months to deserve a few hours in the sunlight? What kind of boss am I? But the guilt! There’s so little time to write and it’s my own dang fault. Spring is a huge distraction! 

However, always the optimist in the spring, I can find a way to do it all. Somehow. I’m grateful that I don’t have a boss pointing me to a time clock, or a seriously close deadline looming over me right now (November!). I’ll never envy the writer who works all day in an office, and when it’s finally still daylight by the time they get home, they must to choose one or the other- write or enjoy the change of season (not to mention juggling family time). My schedule is flexible! I can write when my brain is creative and work when I’m not. I have the freedom to choose indoors or out, and for today, as irresponsible as it seems, I choose to work outside for a change. Besides… allergies will be in full swing soon enough and the time outside won’t be as rewarding.

Do you crave a guilt-free solar recharge once in a while?

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About Toni Kerr

Toni Kerr is the Author of Descendant, a YA Urban Fantasy due to be published in December of 2013. She loves the peaceful silence at 5am and Oreo ice cream, preferably scarfed down before her kids get out of bed. Salty french fries, Sushi, and being on a warm beach at sunset rank pretty high as well.

14 thoughts on “Spring- A Dangerous Time of Year

    • I bought a laptop specifically to write outside about 7 years ago.. but the screen could never compete with so much light. It worked well in the evenings though– and was a great reason to keep a nice patio area. 🙂 Hmmm.. that area could really use some attention. LOL

      Sorry about the allergies.

  1. Being outside allows you to recharge your batteries so you can be more creative. You can be inspired by the season and observe details to enrich your descriptions. Just about anything in life can be used to fuel word production; it’s a matter of keeping things in the right balance.

  2. You’re singing my song. I was just contemplating all the things I said I’d do last fall: build a cold frame, attack the bittersweet before it leafs out, thatch the lawn . . . and on and on and on. I can’t possibly do it all, so I’ll just have to live with the guilt. I have to ask myself: What am I going to regret more? Pessimistic approach, but as a friend just pointed out to me . . . I’m Irish. ;-D

  3. Yes, I do crave a guilt-free solar recharge. I am one of those people who works all day and then I’m forced to make a choice between writing, mountain biking, working on the farm, or spending time with my wife and four kids. Luckily my boys are getting older so I might start passing off some of the farm work to them. 🙂

    • Ha! My mom made my brother pull weeds in the garden when he was in trouble, and he pulled all the fruits and vegetables instead- which got him out of yard work for life!

      We spend the summers at a ranch during the summer, and that’s the biggest reason I can’t expect to get any major writing done. There’s too many things to do and supervision with the kids is a must (esp with horses and 4 wheelers). But I do love the ranch chores. I’m odd that way. 🙂

  4. I totally understand the guilt and the lore of the sunlight! That’s my favorite summer ritual–spring is just too busy. I live in an apartment, and any given day in the summer when the temperature here in NYC is happily below 90, I head to the local garden called Wave Hill and set up under a tree. With the sounds of birdies singing and a view of the Hudson River, I either draw or write–depending on my mood.

    • Apartment living has its upsides for sure.. I’m not sure I could handle living in NYC. Is that the ONLY time you get to enjoy the outdoors? When it’s less than 90? Ugh.

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