Spring: A Love and Hate Affair?

I love spring because:

1. I was born and raised in the tropics and get home sick during winter. Spring is a slice of home.

2. I get to sit in my back porch and write while watching my kids chase butterflies and jump on the trampoline

3. The flowers in my backyard start to bloom and nature’s scents bathe the earth

4. I go for walks with my kids without sweating like a pig.

5. I don’t have to drive an hour to take my kids skiiing (the fact that I take my laptop and sit in the lodge is really beside the point. I just hate driving in the snow)

I hate spring because:

6. I spend hours looking up summer activities for my kids and doing all the pesky paperwork (a tiresome job but these summer camps fill up fast)

7. I’m allergic to bees and wasps and we get plenty of them in our neighborhood.

8. I hate cleaning (whoever came up with spring cleaning should have been shot)

9. Every year I plant a garden and every year it is epic failure. Unfortunately, my kids always want a garden, so I do it again…

10. I say goodbye to my favorite characters (I don’t write much during summer)

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About Ednah Walters

Author of several YA/teen series: The Guardian Legacy YA books about children of the fallen angels who nuke demons between classes and high school drama. Runes series (NA) about Immortal soul reapers and their interraction with humans. And contemporary romance series about an Irish-American family on the west coast and their search for love in these trying times

16 thoughts on “Spring: A Love and Hate Affair?

  1. I could use a few days in the tropics right now. I agree, spring can’t warm up fast enough after a long winter!

  2. For me, the part I hate is yard chores. In the winter I don’t have to feel guilty about not doing them. They usually don’t get done in spring/summer/fall either, but then I feel guilty about it.

  3. My summers are out as well. I’m not sure people (non-writers) understand how difficult it is to prepare for months of no writing. It’s such a major shift of behavior and day-to-day thinking. The summers are fun, but I don’t often look forward to it.

  4. Am I the only apartment dweller? I love spring and wish it would last longer. Though I do live in the city, our building grounds are quite lovely. But how quickly the city turns to a stinky, smoldering heat bubble and then it’s inside in the air-conditioning. My kids are grown, so summer is when I can write nearly uninterrupted if I’m not sweating to death.

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