Time to Re-Commit

Spring is here! A time of renewal. But not just in terms of starting anew, or starting over. It is also the perfect time for take a look at all those goals and resolutions you set in January and see if you are on track.

Like many writers, many of the goals I set involved my writing life. And I can sincerely say..

I am not on track!

As is typical in my life, real life has spiraled away from me a bit, throwing a few monkey wrenches into the goals and resolutions I’ve set. One thing is on course, however…My commitment to my to my yearly theme of “Defying Gravity”.

I told myself at the beginning of the year, after coming off a very difficult (yet blessed) 2012 that I would not give up this year. I said that 2013 would be about renewing my commitment to my inner artist. That I would spend time regaining the balance I had lost in my personal life over the past 18 months or so. And I have. I have taken steps to make some rather HUGE changes in my life in the months to come. They are scary changes in many respects. But necessary if I am going to live the life I want to live, be the author I want to be, and have the career I’ve imagined.

As far as my other goals go, however…yea…I am not quite there yet.

So, as Spring blooms in the air around me and I take a little time to freshen up the garden and enjoy the blooming flowers and clean scent of Spring, I am also taking a little time to renew my commitment to my craft, my career and some of the other resolutions I’ve made. The goals I set for myself In January are just as valid for me now as they were then. So why not push forward and see what I can accomplish, right?


How about you? Do you use Spring as a time to renew commitments, take stock of my goals and dreams and move forward?


8 thoughts on “Time to Re-Commit

  1. Spring is a great time to reevaluate where you are and renew commitments. I certainly need to recommit to my new year’s goals, too! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I think you can recommit to your goals or set new ones in any season, but spring gives you extra energy to work on your goals.

  3. Uff … it’s that re-commitment that’s killer, isn’t it? It’s like going back to the hard work you know that waits you, whereas first commitments still have the element of “maybe this won’t be so tough.” Hats off. I’m going to follow suit and get back to revisions … no divorcing this manuscript! 🙂

  4. I am no philosopher, but I know that I’m a goal oriented type. Much more so that process oriented, which is to say fighting to improve constantly– without an end point. Both can be exhausting. But there has to be balance, especially with writing when your WIP is the easily envisioned goal. Without a goal, there is no process. So I’d say look at your goals regularly to make sure you’re on the right path, but pay close attention to improving your process while you get there.

  5. Ahhh–I feel like you’ve just told me it’s okay that it’s already April and my WIP is mostly in my head. Maybe the secret is planting those resolutions, and allowing your garden to grow a few weeds before you harvest. I sure hope so!

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