Start Something New

No, I don’t mean drop your current project!! But it is spring, the time of starting fresh, and I just recently gave this advice to someone privately. I think it’s worth sharing publicly.

A friend of mine has her first novel out on submission. She was struggling with the waiting, the wondering and – of course – the inevitable rejections. My advice to her was the same as it is to everyone who has something on submission:


For one thing, it gives you a focus – a positive place to put all that thinking and obsessing you’re wasting on a project that you (temporarily) have no control over anyway. For another, in the worst case scenario that no one, anywhere, wants your book? You’ll have a new one well underway by the time that realization hit, and you’ll be ready and able to move forward.

Spring is nature’s way of proving that it didn’t give up during the winter. Starting a new project is your way of proving that you’re not giving up, even when the waiting’s hard. Even when the answer’s no.

So once you’ve hit “send,” take a breath, find your next idea, and get started. Think of it as your own personal spring.

7 thoughts on “Start Something New

  1. This advice applies to self-publishers as well. The more works you have out, the easier it is for people to find you. For all writers, trying new things is a great way to keep improving your craft.

  2. Great advice, no matter what your circumstances may be. It also applies when waiting for that pesky editorial letter!

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