Spring: Such a Short, Sweet Season

Spring officially begins each year around March 21, the vernal equinox, and ends on June 21 or thereabouts with the summer solstice. In the Midwest, however, the first month of spring is a transition period, where you can still have cold days and even snow. We also tend to get summer-like temperatures in June before the start of summer. The ideal spring-like period tends to run from mid-late April through the end of May. This is the time when the temperature is perfect (not too hot, not too cold), the sunlight is warm and inviting, and the air smells like hope.

My favorite part of spring, however, is the flowers. The cherry, apple, and crabapple blossoms turning trees white instead of green. The shy violets hiding in the grass, requiring you to look carefully to find them. And best of all, lily of the valley and lilacs with their wonderful scent. Unfortunately, all of these flowers are short-lived, so I have to do my best Housman impersonation to enjoy them while they last. (I have to rush more than he did because I have fewer springs left.) Every year when the lilacs reach their peak, my family and I visit a nearby park famous for its lilac bushes. I go from bush to bush inhaling the perfume. When I can find lily of the valley at a farmer’s market, I’ll carry the flowers with me all day to enjoy them. If my husband and I had been able to get married in the spring, I would have used either lilacs or lily of the valley for my bridal bouquet.

Spring is also my favorite season for three other reasons: my birthday (at the end of April), my son’s birthday (at the end of May), and WisCon (Memorial Day weekend, which at times coincides with my son’s birthday). It’s probably no surprise that in my still-in-progress fantasy Season Lords series, the Goddess of Spring rules the other three gods watching over the country of Challen. Her servant, the Sol or Sola Spring, leads the other Season Lords as well with the gifts of healing, touch telepathy, and sharing/enhancing magic. One of the projects I want to put out this year is a pair of short stories providing some background into this world. These stories are on the back burner at the moment, but hopefully I’ll get to them before next spring.

No matter what else you have to do this spring, make sure to enjoy the season. It’ll be gone before you know it.

17 thoughts on “Spring: Such a Short, Sweet Season

  1. I love lilacs. I had them everywhere in my yard in Michigan. I could open the windows and the smell would carry in on the breeze. It was wonderful. I miss that in Texas, where lilacs don’t grow. We have beautiful flowers here, but I still miss seeing lilacs each spring.

    Great post,
    Michelle đŸ™‚

  2. Oh, thank you for the hope! It’s freezing here in Maine right now, and the trees are as gray as the sky. Thanks for reminding me that I just have to hang on for another couple of weeks…

  3. Thank you Sandra–here in New York it’s starting to look like spring, but it doesn’t really smell like it yet—when I smell the lilacs, that’s when I’ll believe it’s really here–and then, after I blink, it will be summer.

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