Cycle of the Seasons and Writing

photoSpring has sprung here in sunny California. The birds and bunnies are out and about. The flowers and trees have bloomed. Spring reminds us that there is a cycle to all things. And that applies to writing as well.

With writing, as high as the high’s are, the lows are just as low. I think we’ve all had those times when we’ve bottomed out and are ready to quit or feel like a sham when we read a book that makes us doubt ourselves. Why don’t we?

Because then it would be over.

If you aren’t trying, you can’t succeed. No more amazing highs. No possibility of “yes.” No more writing. We would remain in the dead of winter forever.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I’d be complete without writing in my life. I’d be denying a very important part of myself.

So the next time you hit a low, remember – it’s all cyclical. And if you wait long enough and try hard enough eventually your spring will come.


8 thoughts on “Cycle of the Seasons and Writing

  1. Totally agree that writing is cyclical… sometimes the best thing for the Muse is to walk away and wait for the creative well to refill! If only the Muse wouldn’t take this option during a deadline :-).

  2. Yes—I agree, Lisa. I’m trying to sprout like the newly formed buds–but oh–it’s hard. Maybe because spring just doesn’t want to get started here in New York. It’s teasing us!

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