What is it about me and Spring?


April’s topic is SPRING IS IN THE AIR–which gives the authors of Scene 13 the freedom to interpret or riff off of that any way they choose. So, as always, I get the honor of kicking it off.

Here goes…

Sometimes when the New York winter that kicked off last year right after a devastating and bizarre fall hurricane seems to linger, and linger in a gray damp limbo–I think about how nice it would be to live in a place like Florida, or California where it’s always summer. But then, I start to think about how much I love that first breath of life in the awakening earth, those brilliant green buds when the sleeping land awakens. This winter has been a long, dreary one–and here it is April 2, and the temperatures are plunging downward into the winter zone, yet again. But as I thought about it, I realized how closely my books follow the change in seasons. How much that change is imbedded in my visual language, so much so, that I’m not sure what my writing would be like if I were transplanted elsewhere.

In my forthcoming book, BREAKING GLASS, due out this July, the action begins on a rainy and cold November night. Jeremy Glass’s travails carry him through the New Year into the frigid cold of January. The landscape of Jeremy’s troubles are closely mirrored in the wintry landscape of his suburban New York town, the fictitious Riverton (loosely based on the real life Hudson River town of Croton-on-Hudson). When spring finally comes, well–I’m not going to give away any spoilers, but there’s a thaw in Jeremy’s situation as well.

Spring has always promised renewal to me, in a way I’m not even fully aware of until I get that first whiff of delicious air and am surprised every time of its uplifting affect on me. So, I don’t know–maybe I’m just trying to justify my insistence on clinging to this bleak, bleak place, waiting for life to return just for the brief thrill. But, I’m getting a little impatient waiting for it and the promise and inspiration that rolls in each year with the changing of the seasons.

What about you? Is your writing tied in to the seasons?

20 thoughts on “What is it about me and Spring?

  1. I wouldn’t say my writing depends on whatever season is at hand, but if I’m focusing on a particularly sad or emotionally stringent scene or subject, it does help if it’s raining or snowing outside…accompanied by an ample supply of hot apple cider infused with any number of focus-sharpening, inspirational additives. Spring is my least favorite time though, not only because I’m not a fan of all the bright colors, but my allergies tend to go a smidgen bit apeshit, and a low-budget rendition of the movie Independence Day employs itself throughout my immune system. I’ll be among those impatiently waiting for Fall to swing back around 😀

  2. I am so ready for Spring, and your book! LOL! I don’t really write as of yet, but I can see how I might be more inclined to do so in the Spring.

  3. I love how seasons and places become characters in novels … how important a role they play whether it mirror a character’s emotions or play a stark contrast to them. Nice post!!

  4. This winter has been the pits. I’m ready to read about spring, if I have to wait to experience it in the flesh!

  5. Personally, I had enough of the gloom growing up and I’m enjoying the sun. ;D BUT I know it’s not for everyone. And I do use both seasons and places that I’ve lived or visited often as settings.

  6. I have a few characters who love winter – the snow, the feeling of being alive on a frigid morning. They are not based on me. Bring on the sun!

  7. Don’t start me off on the weather. I’m in the UK, don’t forget. All four seasons in one day at this time of year. But I absolutely need the seasons. My reader is stuck inside on a cold Winter’s night when there’s a power cut and the radio is blah, sitting in the pool of light from to an oil lamp, listening to the hiss of pine logs on the open fire. I reckon that person is just about ready to be transported to where I’m about to take them. So maybe I’m more a Winter sort of a guy…
    Nurse, I think I need my pills now.

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