Luck: The Most Fowl of Illusions

First off, I’m not actually a “published” or “signed” author or even as many would proclaim, even recognizable as a legit “author” by what most of society deems as being an actual author. So writing this little blurb(more or less a rant) based on our topic of the month at hand might seem a bit unnerving and silly.

I am however a writer; a self-published writer, but still a writer. Because what do writers do? They write. Sometimes until their genitals bleed. My “self-published” status is mostly due to the fact that I don’t actually intend on ever being “signed” or “published” by any of the big names or any names at all if I can help it. I don’t want a contract with deadlines controlling my every move, I don’t want someone telling me “what’s hot” or “this is what’s selling, so write about this”; in hindsight I would cease to be a writer, in turn surrendering over my material. I don’t want “what the public is currently into” to dictate what I have to write about in order to make a buck. And after a hundred demanded rewrites and re-edits, whatever words I’ve splooged would cease to actually be my material. Of course the aforementioned is not how the gun show plays out every time, but it’s just not the road I want to go down. It’s not the kind of risk I’m fond of taking when my words are on the line.


With that said, luck has absolutely nothing to do with my writing/publishing process…I simply get inspired by life, write my ish with whatever verbatim my literary libido prescribes, get a few opinions from close friends, edit the piss out of it once, twice, thrice…(maybe this is where luck comes into play, as in editing my own work it is impossible to catch every single little tid bitty of a lyrical error)…and finally upload my manuscript and cover designs to Lulu’s media platform and BAZINGA….out comes my spawn in the form of a paperback 🙂

Simple, methodic, religious, and a bit tedious at times…but it’s better than being just the flavor of the week. I prefer doing all the work myself. 100% control is my bitch….perhaps to a fault, perhaps not; I haven’t decided, maybe it’s best not to decide. Maybe it doesn’t matter at all and it’s completely and irrevocably irrelevant; I’ll leave it up to Black Jesus to decide.

Of course, my literary loves, this does not mean I respect you professionally-signed peeps any less or at all; I love you all because we all share a love for the written art. And while I don’t give “luck”  a second’s thought in regards to my writing or everyday life, I do believe that being optimistic plays a key role in our respective literary worlds. In the end, I like to hope that luck plays a very minor role in our respective positions…as we are all artists, and as artists we must create from life…not depend on luck.

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About Dave Matthes

Not necessarily trying to get "rich" as an author, just spreadin' around my own brand of mind-bending, libido-tickling literature. Born in South Jersey. Living everywhere else. Experiencing life as it comes and not giving a shit about the small stuff whenever possible. Start the day with a drink, end the day with a spark of romantic insanity. And everything else in between becomes an irrelevant collection of collaborative chaos. Like most self-proclaimed authors, I generally focus my writing on matters and subjects that I either enjoy or force me to question. I don't always write for the purpose of entertainment; mostly, especially with "The Slut Always Rides Shotgun", and "The Passive Aggressors", my writing consists of very upfront and brutally, and at times disgustingly honest insight. I've written everything from scattered forms of poetry, to songs, to non-fiction novels, to a science-fiction/ post-apocalyptic series (this I've been working on for about 8 years and have finished 3 books in the series but haven't published them yet. I've still have yet to decide if I even want to finish it for personal reasons), to my next project that'll delve back into fiction and a bit of dark comedic value. My first completed and self-published novel, "The Slut Always Rides Shotgun", a narrative/ journal of my life, has generally run Underground in it's level of world-wide recognition, which I'm fine with; I'm not looking to get rich. So far, it's earned me getting fired from my last job, legal threats from people involved in the book, and the inspiration to write the sequel "The Passive Aggressors". On the side, I'm an Auto Tech, spitball romantic raps, and am quite the wine fanatic though have absolutely no clue as to how to define my lust for such a thing.

15 thoughts on “Luck: The Most Fowl of Illusions

  1. We indie writers have to have guts! I’m with you on writing what calls to me instead of what someone else wants me to write.

  2. I’m with you on writing what calls to you. You come across as authentic and it shows in the end result. Writing for the market is too stifling. 100% control is my bitch….LOVE IT!!!!!! I’m with you there.

  3. I love the quote, too. I guess my “luck” is that I’ve never had a publisher tell me to write “what’s hot” –or tell me what to write at all, in fact. (Any publisher who told you to write “what’s hot” is crazy, because by the time the book’s out it’s not hot anymore!) Also, I love collaborating with an editor. Good for you going it alone, though!

  4. It’s true, Dave–you have to write for you. But I have to tell you, I love the collaborative effort between editor and writer. I also enjoy having an agent who has been a muse, cheerleader and killer negotiator. But, if I hadn’t been lucky enough to find these partnerships, I’d definitely be going it alone. That’s why this blog is an assembly of authors with contracts and indie authors, because I refuse to distinguish between them.

    • And that’s why I haven’t completely shut out the possibility of a collaborative effort…I dunno, maybe I’m just being selfish in a way haha…that and I have yet to find someone or an agency to compliment my needs as a writer :p

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