Luck Happens- 5 Ways to Make it Happen Better


Scene 13 is filled with inspiration this month!

No matter what our writing situations have been, we’ve all put in our fair share of time. We’ve all worked hard. We’ve all been rejected countless times and have managed to find a way to keep going. Ultimately, we’ve all reached a certain level of success because we weren’t willing to give up when times were hard. We are the lucky ones! (if you want to give Luck the credit for all that hard work)

So yes, my road to publishing has been filled with ups and downs, years of relentless dedication, and plenty of persistence to see me through when I could’ve quit… Instead of all that, I was going to focus this post on the traits that all “Lucky” people have. Some of us are lucky for a reason. We all have it within ourselves to make our own luck. 

What a difference a day makes.

I considered myself lucky to have a publisher, and even luckier that I found a fabulous editor who believed in me and my story. I found her at a time when I was beginning to wonder if my stubborn determination to keep my work alive had ultimately been its doom—editing it to death, changing this and that, willing to tweak anything for a possible response. It’s funny the things she had me undo, when I thought I was doing the right thing at the time. And while I know everything in this business is subjective, having a formal editor as dedicated to my story’s well-being as I am was a godsend for changing things yet again. My edits no longer felt like random shots in the dark. I couldn’t have been happier with direction we were heading. And then… LUCK happened.

My publisher had to close its doors. It wasn’t because I didn’t work hard enough, or that I wasn’t patient enough, or open to hearing suggestions. It wasn’t because I never did send that package of survival chocolate I thought they might enjoy for Valentine’s. No, it was sheer luck. Whether it’s good luck or bad, I won’t know for a while. The only thing I know for sure is, I can’t possibly give up now. Why would I? I’m forever grateful that someone in the industry was willing to stand with me. I’m still surrounded by a team of writers and friends who have been supporting me all along. They never fail to keep me moving forward. And I guess I’m lucky that I believe in that ol’ saying: when one door closes, another opens.

Luck is the result of many things—perception, personality, a willingness to take action. Luck is making the best (or worst) of a situation. Luck is timing- being in the right place at the right time, doing the right things. I still have a lot of options. I just have to decide what’s best!

So now, the rest is as much for me as it is for anyone else needing the inspiration.

5 Ways to Make Your Own Luck:

1. Knowledge- Lucky people know what they want. They have clear goals. They recognize opportunity because their brains are on the prowl. Every obstacle is an opportunity to learn. The more obstacles they face, the more they learn. The more they learn, the more they know what works and what doesn’t. Your chances of success improve when you know what works. Increase your knowledge, increase your luck.

2. Perseverance- Lucky people keep moving forward, no matter how difficult the trail becomes. They may backtrack to take a different route, but they never lose sight of their goals or give up. No matter what the opposition says. No matter how long it takes to get through the learning curve, or the many shiny distractions of social media. 

3. Optimistic Attitude- Good luck is positive perception. Every person we meet has something to offer. Every mistake is a chance at improving. Opportunity is available to anyone who’s willing to work for it. And every time we risk sticking our necks out, we become stronger. It’s easy to blame external factors when things go wrong, but the choice to have a positive or negative attitude is entirely up to us.

4. Open Minded- Lucky people are mentally flexible. They’re willing to listen to alternative ideas. They’re willing to try new things on a hunch. They’re willing to step out of a comfort zone to find creative solutions when necessary. Opportunity doesn’t always reveal itself as we expect—be open to anything because timing and action can mean everything.

5. Confidence- Lucky people believe in themselves. They trust that inner voice that says an idea is worthy of attention. They trust their ability to tell the difference between wishes and hunches. They create their own opportunities. They are willing to make a market where none exists. They risk more, because they believe in themselves and their product. They aren’t afraid to take action when opportunity arises. If routines increase the feeling of confidence, like a special gel pen, or a certain brand of coffee, or eating twelve cashews at the stroke of midnight on a new year… go for it! But don’t let it take away from the end results. Pens don’t write, queries and proposals don’t send themselves, and luck isn’t delivered by Fed Ex every other Tuesday.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas Edison

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About Toni Kerr

Toni Kerr is the Author of Descendant, a YA Urban Fantasy due to be published in December of 2013. She loves the peaceful silence at 5am and Oreo ice cream, preferably scarfed down before her kids get out of bed. Salty french fries, Sushi, and being on a warm beach at sunset rank pretty high as well.

9 thoughts on “Luck Happens- 5 Ways to Make it Happen Better

  1. Bummer about the publisher, Toni, but great attitude! And it’s so true–the great thing about being a writer is that EVERYTHING that happens is grist for the mill.

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