Luck, Perseverance and the Art of Living in Sync

Hi all! This is a great topic – luck and perseverance. As most of you know, I am all about authenticity – in my characters, my stories, and yes, in my personal life. But what does that mean, living with authenticity and what does that have to do with writing and publishing? For me, it means living a life of meaning, in which I spend my days moving in the direction of my dreams.

And this is where the luck and perseverance comes in.

When I started writing, I started with fiction. My road in that genre has been ripe with ups and downs, frustrations, and not a lot of luck, if I was being completely honest. And as much as I LOVE writing fiction, it wasn’t my initial “call” into writing. That came through nonfiction. So, one day, about 9 months into actively writing, I decided to focus on the nonfiction I originally planned to write.

The journey with nonfiction was filled with moments of synchronicity. I found an agent very quickly, sold my book even faster and have been with Prufrock Press ever since, with a total of four books, including the two coming this month.

Looking at the two journeys I see one major difference – confidence! My confidence. I “knew” I would sell my nonfiction, knew I could write something meaningful, knew others would find value in it.

By contrast, my journey through fiction has been marked with periods of non-existent confidence, frustration, and sorrow. That is, until recently. Until the moment I accepted that I had at least a little talent. Now, I focus on writing a great story. I don’t worry what others are doing, don’t focus on trends, don’t stress over the industry.

I just focus on writing the authentic story. I focus of sitting in the chair and getting the work done.

I have fans that appreciate my work. And I will have success. If I remain authentic to the process in the same way that I do with nonfiction.

In short, living a life filled with luck is a matter of living a life in sync, one filled with authenticity.

11 thoughts on “Luck, Perseverance and the Art of Living in Sync

  1. Great post! If the author doesn’t have confidence in herself or her writing ability, it’ll come through in her writing.

  2. Yes. Readers can spot a fake a mile away. Write what you are meant to write, then add the requisite doses of luck and perseverance.

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