Literary Couples

What makes the perfect couple? Everyone has their own idea, and that’s fine. Personally, I tend to root for the couple whose love overcomes obstacles. Couples who won’t let anything get in their way or beat their love down. Couples who make the impossible possible. Here is a list of my top six favorite literary couples (most of which also happen to be movie couples).


Romeo and Juliet – The ultimate star-crossed lovers. Talk about family feuds. Romeo and Juliet didn’t let tradition or society keep them apart. Sure, they ended up dying for their love (sorry, spoiler alert?), but we can’t all have a happy ending. Not if Shakespeare’s the writer, anyway.


Wesley and Buttercup (Princess Bride) – Probably my favorite literary couple. He loved her long before she even noticed him, never gave up on her, came back to claim his love, died for her (well, only mostly dead, according to Miracle Max), then fought for her, just so they could be together again. Why don’t guys today do that anymore?


Ginny and Harry – Behind every great wizard is a kick-ass witch who loves him. I adored this match, even if it wasn’t very evident in the first couple books. It’s one of those couplings that grow on you, then stick like glue.


Henry and Clare (The Time Traveler’s Wife) – I loved this couple in a way that was entirely new to me. Reading this book, I knew they had to inevitably get together. But as I got immersed in the difficulties and obstacles they endured—and, come on, who doesn’t hate battling with time, of all things—I found myself cheering them on and wishing they could just catch a break.


[Photo source: Maggie Stiefvater via]

Grace and Sam (Shiver) – I have a soft spot for Maggie Stiefvater’s way with words. And the way she wrote Grace and Sam made me fall in love with them as couple and hope that they could stay together despite the odds.


Sookie and Eric (Southern Vampire series/True Blood) – In book four, Dead to the World, when Sookie takes care of amnesia-inflicted Eric, something about the coupling just clicked with me. I still have a few books left in the series to read, so my opinion may or may not change, but for now, I’m Team Eric.

What about you? Who are your favorite literary couples?


24 thoughts on “Literary Couples

  1. Let’s see: Of course–Jace and Clary of the Mortal Instruments series! Then–yep, I’m going to confess–Jenn L. Armentrout’s couples are just the best–fighting and yelling all the way–Alexandra and Aiden from the Covenant series, and Katie and Daemon from the Lux series. Oh–and probably one of my all time faves is Han and Raisa from Cinda Chima’s Seven Realms series. I think what I like are books that have romance, but the lovebirds each have their own complex agenda rather than JUST needing to be together. All of these books are pretty complicated with mucho twists and turns. And none of the male love interests are *perfect*. They are all flawed in one way or another.

  2. I loved The Time Traveler’s Wife, though I just read the book. (I haven’t seen a movie in years.) Another couple I enjoyed was Alexia and Lord Maccom from the Parasol Protectorate series.

  3. Fun post! Since we’re talking Shakespeare, my all-time favorite couple is Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing–they start out saying they hate each other, then get tricked into the truth. More recently, Kaye and Roiben in Holly Black’s faery fantasies, as star-crossed as you can get.

  4. You have some neat ones!! I’m going to go with Jane & Rochester for me (Joanne), although if I had to bet, I’m thinking my writing partner Karen might go with Rhett and Scarlett.

  5. Loved this! I’m about to read Gone with the Wind for the first time, and I haven’t watched the movie either, so I’m avoiding spoilers on that one, but I gather it has a pair of star-crossed lovers that drive everybody crazy?

    Ginny and Harry = sweet and fierce. Love it!

  6. Fawn and Dag, in Lois Bujold’s Sharing Knife series. It’s a May/December romance, but they were so right for each other you couldn’t imagine them with anyone else. Gorgeous.

  7. I love this post for so many reasons… First of all, you issued a spoiler alert for Romeo and Juliet! ROFL! And, Dead to the World is the *best* installment in the Southern Vampire Mysteries.

    Couples I would add? Hmmm… Maybe Schmendrick and Maggie Grue from The Last Unicorn, Katsa and Po from Graceling, and Elena and Rafael from Archangel’s Blood.

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